a baby can be cool!!! (no drool)
a baby can be cool!!!

(no drool) babies stories

vanitysmurf 11year-old weirdo poet
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what to do if babies turn cool

a baby can be cool!!! (no drool)

when a baby turns cool, this is what you should do Don't feed him puny sippycups and no more baby boomers!

And don't tell him he looks so cute... Or you'll be the topic of rumors!!

when the baby gets angry get out of the way!!! Or best,give him a skull toy and run...

And don't let your fear show out in front of him... cos they have a crazy idea of fun.

And if they're dancing,just let'em dance... Try not to be such a buzzkill.

Babies are fierce,forget their looks... Or you'll end up stuck in a windmill!!!

Babies can be cool... Yes babies can be cool! And bow before them if you don't like drool.

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