procreation by trevor something (lyrics)
procreation by trevor something (lyrics) 80s stories
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vanghost 17 // nyc // wishing i was in the 80s
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(slightly altered) lyrics from first half of trevor something's song "procreation". hella lovely and nostalgic listen, 10/10 recommend giving it a listen, especially along with this <3

procreation by trevor something (lyrics)

by vanghost

i'm an 80s baby raised by the TV

i wasn't poor but life wasn't easy

knock on the door, now mama is leaving

where did dad go? he'll never see me

move to a new place, go to a new school

year after year, i'm always the new fool

i had my issues on how i was raised up

but now that i have you my whole life has changed up

and maybe

one day you could have my baby

please don't call me crazy

but maybe you could have my baby

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