Strangers and Memories
Strangers and Memories  romance stories

vanessaly A young woman wanting more out of life.
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Strangers and Memories

by vanessaly

I wanted to tell you one last time that maybe there was hope. I wanted there to be an us again.

The thought of loving you grew stronger in my mind as I sat there in silence waiting to hear an answer…

I knew it was too late when I saw you and it felt like we were strangers. You pushed me away,

so far away that I lost sense of who you even were to me at some point in my life. The tears dripped down my face as I woke up from the terrible nightmare.

This was the nightmare, but it was also the truth. It was reality. It struck so hard.

It left an imprint on my heart. I can never erase the pain that I felt. It will never go away. You will be a memory of mine… And that is all you will ever be.

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