Letters From The Heart
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Unfiltered words from a healing heart to another

Letters From The Heart

2nd July 2018

This was the night when it began for me. The night my heart started to fall. Slowly but surely...it fell for you.

We all had a little too much to drink that night, it was a night to celebrate after all - we did our first gig together as a crew.

We all opened our hearts that night to the struggles of our past and present, and the uncertainty of our future. Our aspirations, our goals, our fears.

There you were, crying - words painfully pouring out from you. Never have I seen someone so broken yet so strong for the rest.

My eyes teared as you told your story, a story I recognised as a struggle that many went through...that I went through too.

Now I'm not claiming that I know what you have been through, but I do understand how it hurts.

I screamed, you yelled but I think you recognised the pain in me too. You knelt down in front of me and you held my face in your hands.

Usually I hate it when people touched my face, it's intimate, it's too personal but that night with your hands... I didn't mind.

You wiped my tears as you told me that you would always come to me at your lowest. That I will be the first to know when your mind wandered to a place where it shouldn't.

I held you and I told you all I ever wanted is for you to be happy...

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