Never look back Chapter 7: Search begins
Never look back Chapter 7: Search begins oc stories

vandrirlost Originally from Quotev.
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My luck is running out

Never look back Chapter 7: Search begins

I knew I should of listened to 2961 ,but that thing still worries me just how it seemed to know what is going on. If I can find them I might have a chance if I don’t get killed in the process.

Though even then I might get killed by them. Either way I’m screwed if things keep getting worse and knowing my luck it’s just started.

If I can find one of those damn birds then maybe just maybe they’ll listen to me. Though I can only pray in this godless hell pit.

Right now I gotta keep moving unless I want my neck snapped or get dragged to some dimension.

If I can avoid those two I’m good though I pray that the maneater thing I heard about is still contained, if not then I’m royally screwed.

The last thing I need is for some shapeshifter to get me....

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