Never look back Chapter 6:Gates to hell open
Never look back Chapter 6:Gates to hell open oc stories

vandrirlost Originally from Quotev.
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Things have really gone to hell

Never look back Chapter 6:Gates to hell open

I thought it was gonna be a usual day but then things went horribly wrong.....

My door opened so I thought I was gonna be led to one of the cells but only for it reveal one of the other D-class. They panicked taking off as if something was chasing them.

I barely had the chance to look outside to only feel dread.

Right down the hall was SCP-173...

I knew i couldnt stay there so my only option was to try to get as far as possible with out blinking.

I quickly started walking backwards to the opposite end of the hall still facing the damn thing.

By the time i reach the door my eyes were watery. I barely managed to get the door open when i blinked. I quickly got through the door and shut it just to see the thing was closer.

I leaned against the door taking deep breathe realizing what was happening. If that thing was out... That meant the others were also.

I needed to get out ,but now it's gonna almost impossible with the gates of hell open in this place.

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