Never look back Ch.2 Never hurt the ravens
Never look back Ch.2 Never hurt the ravens ocs stories

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Continuation of ch.1


Never look back Ch.2 Never hurt the ravens

"D-5892 its time for you to go into SCP-2961's containment unit,"a guard came after a week of my first visit to that fucking unit. I groaned having no choice.

As we walked to the unit I could already faintly hear the squawking from the raven mockers making me cringe.

I was thrown into the unit only to be caught by someone or should I say something. I looked up only to see 2961 before it straightened me out before shuffling away.

I felt something touch my leg only to see a bouncing raven mocker looking at me with its white eyes. I freaked kicking it pretty hard making it roll away.

The raven mocker shrieked and 2961 whipped around looking pissed as it brought out its two blades looking ready to charge.

The raven mocker got back up before squawking making 2961 put its blades away back under the feathers it had.

"Hurt any of them an you'll be dead,"2961 hissed and I immediately back away not wanting to get killed.

It huffed before going back to one of the corners of the room sitting down.

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