Never look back. Ch 1 entering the bird’s nest
Never look back. Ch 1 entering the bird’s nest oc stories

vandrirlost Originally from Quotev.
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It seems that a D-5892 was not killed by SCP-2961 who does not enjoy unwanted vistors into its cell. Just why did it let her live an just why does its raven mockers seem to get agitated when the D class is thrown in? So many many questions...
Still on going


Never look back. Ch 1 entering the bird’s nest

I was heading to SCP-2961's containment with my partners slightly nervous after having been debriefed on how this SCP reacted to unwanted visitors. Death or being turned into a raven mocker.

We were pushed into the cell only to have the door slam behind us making me flinch.

"Sorry SCP-2961 we're only here for a bit,"I said as politely as I could not seeing the SCP anywhere except for the birds in the corner.

Slowly the tall figure came out from the pile an slowly walked over to us. I flinched seeing as it was dressing with a cloak made of feathers covering its body with a plague mask an a hat.

We stood our ground refusing to move making it tilt its head making its eyes faintly visible.

"Don't want you in here,"a raspy voice rang out before it shot out two blades at my partners pinning them to the wall by their heads.

It walked up to me tilting its mask down showing me its piercing red eyes with black sclera.

'Why isn't it killing me?'I thought as I looked into its eyes. It was about to touch me before the guards opened the door an grabbed me making it turn an head back to the corner.

The birds were watching me as I was dragged. All I honestly could think about was those red eyes of 2961 that were emotionless as I was being dragged back to my cell.

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