The Gravedigger
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The Gravedigger "Why are you digging an unnecessary abyss?" she asks,

The Gravedigger

The Gravedigger

"Why are you digging an unnecessary abyss?" she asks,

"It is a grave for whom i cannot say!"

The man stands and recalls,

Too many times has given up his life,

Too many fears force him to stall.

The first cut ripped like a knife,

that does not mean so do all!

A cynical view does him his harm.

As content as he may seem,

Perhaps a look at his life would set the alarm.

A realization that there is a fear within him!

In maturity a windfall fell his way.

Not money! But another,

Which soon was swept away.

It is only his final skin he can now cover!

She looks at the empty hole...

"You are to young to leave such a life. Yet too

old to start new"

She stares in his eyes,

"Distrust in human nature can solely be down to you."

Again the man recalls his life, holds onto the memories good.

The visions of fear and strife.

They can be set down for earth food!

He covers up the pit!

Buries all his demons!

They have left, the candle is lit,

And Eve will not promise Eden.

She leads him through the huge iron gates,

Which clang as they leave them behind.

The digger is ready to start a fresh slate,

With a confidence that is going to be fine!

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