Tall Boy
Tall Boy werewolf stories

valkyriekerryau Horrotica
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Tall Boy Glistening water meets my eye,

Tall Boy

Tall Boy

Glistening water meets my eye,

But I am lost.

The darkness submerges with an eerie moonlit glow

On the murky pond.

I came to the mountains for my honeymoon.

Tartan clad wedding.

Brooding man that I barely knew but needed.

Alone on the murky pond.

My legs dangle helplessly from a felled tree,

Skimming the bleak water.

In the distance I hear him howling for me, as I sit helplessly,

On the menacing pond.

Shadows lurch gruesomely formed by twisted branches.

Resigned stillness shrouds me,

As through the forest beats the pulse of the chase.

No longer alone on the murky pond.

Hungry, howling roars echo about me,

A tantalizing fear engulfs my nubile form,

I force my entranced mind to act,

And fall into the murky pond.

No longer the man I barely knew, instead a desperate lycan.

The waters cool my body, quietly I allow myself to submerge.

Hiding from his disheveled form I ease back into the shadows

Of the murky pond.

Moods shift and all is still, all is quiet as I press against the verge.

Whispers tickle my naked shoulders and caress my spine.

My lip trembles as the pressure grows,

And I am torn from my sanctuary,

In the murky pond.

Frozen with fear as the burning of teeth thaws my neck,

The scorching tears chill as my body resigns.

Tears stream coldly and silently,

Shock paralyses as I sink

Into my murky grave.

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