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Sting Luscious plum lips sip on the straw,



Luscious plum lips sip on the straw,

As wisps of blond hair surround her baby face.

Deep oak eyes gaze longingly around the club,

As music thrums and she seeks her perfect mate.

Coloured lights, flicker, filtering through the smoke,

Her stare locks with a potential, gruesome suitor.

Unusually chiselled, surreal, piercing and dark.

His ebony hair hangs listlessly, emerald eyes hypnotise.

People fade, only he exists. He holds her with his regard.

Barely a word is spoken between them, the noise dims.

Her teeth nuzzle a swollen lip, wantonly.

His fingertips caress her cheek, she sighs passionately.

She is led to the floor and allows her body to melt into his.

Sounds soften, they are alone in a crowded room.

He grips her firmly, his teeth grazing her throat.

Mesmerised she follows him and is lifted into oblivion.

There his body enshrouds hers, exposed she submits.

He loves her just as the drug of infatuation swims to her mind,

And she sinks deeply into sensation, barely noticing the sting;

The sharpness penetrating her naked belly.

Then, he is gone.

Alone in her room, unable to move her body starts to ache.

Time stands still.

Locked in her flat, unable to leave, she feasts on wet sugar.

Her tooth is sweet.

Light burns, sheets cover the windows, rot sets in.

Sweet wrappers carpet the floor, college is abandoned.

She no longer answers the phone or door,

As her abdomen swells.

As the days pass vomiting starts, horrendous amber gunge.

She does not try to move, strong odours leak to other flats,

She does not respond to angry hammering.

Her abdomen balloons and pulsates, no clothes cover her.

Afraid, alone and helpless.

Pressure builds forcing her ribs outwards,

Rashes itch and bleed across her belly.

Furious pulsating.

Searing pain belches from within,

Her skin stretches, her belly bloats.

Skin rips like a zip, tearing.

From within the maggots emerge,

Crawling, writhing and feeding from their dying host.

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