His Broken Heart
His Broken Heart horror stories

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His Broken Heart Old Harlon, civil war's lost soldier,

His Broken Heart

His Broken Heart

Old Harlon, civil war's lost soldier,

Recruited for another army and fell in love.

Old confederate, mystical ways,

Found on a virginial field, in death's callous grasp.

His great prowess noted from afar,

Revered by Immortalis, antediluvian.

Ancient cult of immortals seeking,

And finding mortals on the cusp, willing to bargain.

Blood drinking cannibals, eternal,

Protection sought in exchange for immortality's curse.

Lilith, exile of Eden, mother,

Matriarch of the Immortalis, queen of vampires.

Patron of Kane and cruel Nicholas,

Recruited Harlon for his hardened skill, death's throes.

Death's unrelenting throes, drowning him,

Lanced through the side, bleeding, he surrendered to her kiss.

Guardian of Nicholas, insane,

Sanity's specialist, crafty in his sleek torture.

Asylum master, and sly patient,

Guardian of Kane; raised from the ashes of death's sea.

Killer Kane; relentless and silent,

Through centuries Harlon serves the masters, falls in love.

Auburn beauty, emerald, sharp eyes,

Appalachian daughter and keeper of the kept books.

Heart beats for the first time in decades,

His visits to town increase, not for business, for her.

The cannibal becomes gentle man,

Offering her his heart over time, and cherishing.

His soul returns as new life glows through,

The warrior drops his guard, unwittingly gives trust.

Demon's demon, shaman of the light,

Earth's angel seeking and slaying the Immortalis.

Blinded with passion he leads her home,

Kane's wilderness, Harlon's immortal son, endangered.

Yet she is still, auburn haired Helen,

Biding her time, seeking traps within the lair, Kane's world.

But Harlon's heart beats only for her,

Weeping inwardly in her absence, sharing his world.

Forest deep, scratches of log cabins,

Confederate tunnels and lakes. She watches and waits.

Blinded, Harlon falls deeper, deafened,

Ignoring the warnings of the masters to stay away.

Deeper into his secrets she delves,

Through historical enquiry and midnight moon walks.

Surreptitiously draining his mind,

A greater demon; pledged to kill without food's reason.

Knowing him, with his own fooled consent,

Resting on his chest at night, after love's hardened touch.

Investing her Babylon body,

Selling herself for a cause, scenting him with passion.

Locating Kane, his son, his master,

Planning the kill, without thought to Harlon's weakened heart.

Her legs wrap about his sore body,

Driving down with her back to tree's bark, the empath's love.

Her own guard normally high, love lost,

Dropped in ardent need and panting hot desperation.

As she releases, her thoughts roam free,

An old ghoul senses her motives, hears her wicked plan.

His heart breaks, crumbles like Gomorrah,

Bleeds into an ashen mound of which she is the salt.

Time shifts sullenly, his heart burned ire,

His heart burns, his heart breaks, his current reality!

He steps back, harnesses his thoughts, plans,

Commands his feelings, commands his actions, for vengeance.

Next eve, unexpected, she treads soft,

Tripping Kane's traps, waiting to bait the beast, and destroy.

Creeping from tree to tree, armed, waiting,

The eerie silence overwhelms, but not as she planned.

Time passes, uneasily retreats,

Edging ever to the dirt track, and her salvation.

Moon glow streaks across the lake beyond,

Owls yell, and leaves shuffle with deliberate footsteps.

Further she shrinks, away from cracking twigs,

Her skill dependent upon careful planning, unplanned.

Kane to stalk her, to fall to her trap,

Footsteps crack from all around, surrounding her small form.

As if on cue, the night sky darkens,

Clouds suffocate the moon and the figures are revealed.

Behind her the giant masked monster,

Before her the suave and sophisticated killer.

Kane and Nicholas, take quick pursuit,

Driving her, like a frightened deer between two lions.

She attempts to draw her bow but stops,

As Kane's arrow, in flight, sweeps the weapon from her hand.

Deep into the forest she returns,

Seeking an exit, unable to climb; bleeding hand.

Tunnels locked down, monsters drive her on,

Helen tries to dodge the traps that she had memorized.

Heart beating, thumping, pounds their sharp ears,

The two monsters close in, she backs to a cabin's light.

Harlon's home, her savior's true love,

Unaware of his deceit, knowing her deception.

Further she backs, until a loop locks;

Barbed wire grasps her shin, flaying flesh to the iced bone.

The knot drags along and rises her,

Hanging her flailing body by the leg and bone.

She struggles pitifully, cries out,

Pleading for her lover to come, he acquiesces.

Emerging from the shadows, watching,

Ageing immortal, dying of a slit, broken heart.

Thirsty for vengeance, he steps forward,

Clasping the pendulum, her swinging ceases, he hears.

She pleads ignorance, pleads innocence,

He hears, but does not listen, for the truth has been heard.

Nicholas and Kane fade, Harlon's war,

Harlon's final battle to close the war, and his heart.

Stroking her face, tears leave his sad eyes,

His soulless soul aches to the gut and gut her he must.

His lips meet hers, and steal a last kiss,

Her eyes close with regret, imploring his forgiveness.

She whispers her sorrow and shame's truth,

Offering herself in exchange for her life's sad truth.

Willing secrets, he offers reprieve,

She speaks of the pledge and cult freely, begging his trust.

Hardened soldier, warrior chosen,

For loyalty and military skill, merciless.

Merciless mercenary, stealing,

Interrogation before death's sweet curse, gentle touch.

Beyond the killer, woman revealed,

Vulnerable, open, as she opened her body.

Thoughts plague; her skin, her lips, betrayal,

Torn inside, victim of a heart broken, he struggles.

Sensing her sadness, as an empath,

Feeling her betrayal as a man being betrayed.

Blood rushes to her head and she swoons,

Sensing her trance, he releases, stoops down, rummages.

Churning leaves to find his salvation,

As clouds move the moon light blade shines, glinting in death's rays.

Taking the hilt, he holds fast inside,

Having the power to save her worthless life, eyes close.

Harlon gulps, torn in two by the wench,

His free hand presses against her head, her lies shine through.

Lover in the cult, user, slayer,

Hurt plunges through his heart like the blade as it swings high.

Their eyes lock, her mouth opens, silence,

Silent scream, as the blade sweeps down severing her soul.

Severing from hip to head, slicing,

Vertical dissection as she hangs from her flayed leg.

Heart side slides slickly to the wood floor,

Harlon screams releasing a horde of hurt demons' hearts.

An incision drives deep and cuts round,

Breaking the ribs, he removes the organ that cut deep.

Rising the cold heart from her body,

It takes one final beat, the vessels wrenched, his heart cries.

His heart cries and turns back to hard stone,

Petrifying in his evil chest, and he bites down.

Ripping love's muscle between his teeth,

He chews the organ, as his tears turn to ice, he smirks.

With each bite the soured smile comes,

He swallows her soul, encages it within his hate.

Crimson juice smears the demon's smug face,

Quelling any hope of redemption, he gazes low.

Meat for the Immortalis meets him,

Fills his eyes with an insatiable hunger, blood lust.

Greater than lust is his cruel hunger,

And the hunger of his masters, loyalty's sweet home.

Slackening the trap, half body sloshes,

Sliding to the wood floor, next to the empty vessel.

Both meats dragged carelessly, thrown below,

Dropped through the tunnel's trap, dragged in darkness for dicing.

Thrown onto the slab, cleaver cuts bone,

Meat hurled without heart into the cellar's deep freezer.

Kissing half of death's lips, tastes the blood,

Memories lost in a sea of embittered famine.

The final mass, halved skull, stripped of hair,

Stripped of dignity, for the ghoul has returned, glory!

Old Harlon, civil war's lost soldier,

Recruited for another army and fell in love.

Old confederate, mystical ways,

Found on a virginial field, in death's callous grasp.

His great prowess noted from afar,

Old Harlon; a loyal, but soulless servant soldier.

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