Yielding, as he makes her his forever.
Appalachian Hunter horror stories

valkyriekerryau Horrotica
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Appalachian Hunter Keep to the trail, never seek elsewhere,

Yielding, as he makes her his forever.

Appalachian Hunter

Appalachian Hunter

Keep to the trail, never seek elsewhere,

In those forests live wild animals.

Leaving the path changes folk!

Listen to honest advice,

Escape high, safely,

Return soon!

Stay true!

Preparation proved swift, she ventured on,

Reading her maps with great zeal, alone,

Every view a luscious, scenic memory.

Yet, curiosity overcame good sense.

Kira camped with flames in the night,

In her tent she slept, days hiking,

Leaving her world behind.

Listening for streams,

Escaping the trail,

Recalling words;

Stay True!

Predators live in the forests, monstrous beasts,

Rendering herself vulnerable to their terrors.

Each step, deeper into Kane's wilderness,

Yet oblivious to the killer's presence.

Kira, swept up by the mountains and falls,

Inadvertently trespasses on his land,

Lead by her nose to his cabin.

Leaving civilization behind,

Entering the killer's lair,

Reasoning it is empty,

Seeking thrills.

Predator creeps from tree to tree; tracking prey!

Requiring rest, she sleeps in his empty bed.

Ever vigilant, he follows. Stands over her,

Yielding before him, protected by sleep.

Knife in hand, he looms over her, unsure,

Inside his cabin she rests. He gazes.

Listless vulnerability arouses,

Life in his private world,

Eerily he haunts her.

Responding sighs,


Peacefully she stretches, revealing her curves,

Reeling, he steps back. Praying she sleeps.

Enraged by her presence, highly aroused,

Yearning, after a time, to touch her skin.

Knife lowers, he softens as never before,

Inflaming visitors viciously slain.

Letting her live endangers,

Letting her die hurts.

Ever alone,



Predator's prey or killer's prisoner? Hostage,

Raising the blade once more, yet she stirs.

Each breath a threat, each sigh does stir,

Yawning, her tired eyelids lift, dazed.

Killer's prey, or predator's prisoner?

Inciting lust, inflaming fear,

Lucid, but unafraid, rising.

Luscious in confusion,

Endlessly they stare,

Recognition rare,


Predilection for a monster, deeply suppressed,

Rises to the surface, without scream or cry.

Eagerly she reaches for his compassion,

Yearning to fill a void in her icy life.

Killer's willing hostage, eternally his prey,

Invited in by circumstance, remaining.

Lives that clash in somber night,

Lust heightened wordlessly.

Extreme attraction,



Proclivities so diverse connect in their nightmare,

Risking all, she collapses entranced, waits.

Yielding, as he makes her his forever.

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