The woman called Lexie
The woman called Lexie cayde6 stories

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Like Destiny the game? Love a good fanfic conspiracy story surrounding the lore? Come with me on Lexie's journey as she listens and recalls events from the past and present both through her eyes and other's around her.

The woman called Lexie

"And hey, take care of Ace. I mean really, take care of Ace.'

- Cayde-6 Final Recording

Guardian's are forbidden to learn about their pasts. You never know what you might find by looking into the past. Some things should stay buried, never to see the light of day again.

Unfortunately, there are some things in the past that can't stay hidden. No matter how hard you try to hide it, deny it, bury it... It will always find a way.

Thing is, no one is looking for this secret just yet. Let me explain from one of the very many beginnings.

No one remembers anything from before the Collapse, not even us Guardian's. That's the point of us NOT looking into our pasts. We can't remember.

Hell, some of us don't even remember our real names. Some are lucky, we have various items around us when we first wake up, giving us a glimmer of who we use to be.

The others are not so lucky, just pick a name and go on about their day. Then there's Shin Malphur, the first ever Guardian to be born while alive.

The first case of a fallen Guardian's Ghost taking on another Guardian. That's what everyone has been lead to believe.

What if I told you that there was someone else? Someone that both remembers life before the Collapse and was made into a Guardian immediately after the Traveler's fall? Still with me? Somewhat?

Close enough.

I remember everything about life before the Collapse. I still bear the scars. How it felt coming into contact with the Darkness. How the skies lit up when the Traveler fought the Darkness.

That hopeless feeling realizing that our world, the world we knew had ended as the Traveler fell. The moment I became a Guardian long before the others rose from their deaths once more.

The moment I met other Guardian's and realizing, that I wasn't like the others. That out of every single one of them, not a one recalled their previous life.

I can't convey my own personal thoughts and feelings from back then. You wouldn't understand it. You can't understand what I felt. All the people that I love aged and died before my very eyes.

I can't explain that sick hollow feeling I felt, as I buried the last person who knew me before the Collapse. All of it.

My entire existence has been this one big secret both my Ghost and myself have carried over the long millennia.

Shiro-4 will be the first to tell you, that I am as reckless as they come. Just ask him about the time he personally dragged me back to the Tower, tied up over his shoulder.

He loves telling that story or bringing it up when he thinks I'm being too reckless, flying too hard and fast. The stories that Exo could tell you about myself.

In every single one of them, they will all mention as an afterthought that, they don't know a whole lot about me.

Aside from the missions, and crucible matches, no one knows much about the Hunter that Shiro dragged back to the Tower.

They'll say that this Hunter will gaze off into the distance, seeing things that no one else can when asked. That this Hunter will get a little cagey, check to see if anyone is following them.

Triple check all their weapons several times, even in the Tower they'll do this.

Rumors float around about how old this Guardian is, that something traumatic must have happened when they first woke up.

No one knows how many caches I have around the system, this is what defines a good Hunter. The amount of Golden Age tech or weapons I have stockpiled around the system.

Hell, I have several safe houses spread out. Why do you ask? What makes a person this paranoid? That this isn't something a typical Hunter would go to the lengths to do.

You are absolutely correct. That's because I'm running. I'm running from something in my past that may have cost the lives of many people long ago.

I'm running from the things that my mother may have started or been a part of. I'm running from the people that came to collect my father's debt. A father that can't even remember me.

I'm running from everything and I gotta tell ya, I'm tired of running.

Cayde-6 was looking into something before he died. Something that he asked Petra Venji to look into for him in the event he was killed.

Something that made him so angry, that it made him want to hunt down the ghosts of people who were now dust.

Something that I had been told when I was still a child that if anyone came looking for me to run and never look back. Don't ever let them catch ya, they'll use you to control those around you.

Yeah, it's like that. Maybe it's time that my own secrets came to light. Hopefully, it won't get me killed.

My name is Alexis "Lexie" Ace Sundaresh. I am the daughter of the Vex scientist Maya Sundaresh and the daughter of the man they called Cayde-6.

I am also the First Guardian to be created at the fall of the Traveler. Hello Guardian, I hope you're ready to embark on this journey on how I came to be and where this path may lead me.

I most certainly am interested in finding the bastards that cost me, my family.

-End recording. Transmission encrypted.

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