Recalling the past Part 1
Recalling the past Part 1 destiny stories

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Lexie and Nyt recall the moment the met on the day of the Collapse and where they go from there.

Recalling the past Part 1

"This could have all been avoided had you been more...... compliant." He mused.

"Fuck you." I spat.

"Not my type. Try anything funny and I can assure you that, you'll wish I had killed you like you did my men.

" Very roughly, he jerked me upright from the ground before slamming the butt of his gun into my face.

Hissing out in pain I went to lunge at him before finding myself slammed into the vehicle behind me. Like hell, I was going down without a fight.

If he thought for a second that I was going anywhere with him, he had another thing coming.

Before either one of us could do anything more, explosions sounded across the silent snow-filled plains. Both of us looked around then up at the sky as more explosions were suddenly heard.

The motionless Traveler was now moving across the night sky as ships were seen hurtling into the atmosphere of the planet.

The explosions that were heard, were the ships splintering into thousands of pieces as this dark.... mass was attacking the Traveler now hurtling towards myself and Bray's man.

"In the car... NOW!" The man yelled shoving me into the vehicle before the dark mass reached us.

Like it or not, we were both in danger of this thing attacking us and right now, living was more important right now. Scrambling to open to the door, the black mass reached us.

I feel it in my mouth, my face, in my lungs, in the air I breathe, every nerve in body pulled, twisted in ways that it was not meant to be.

I feel this heavy cruel coldness invading me, devouring me and that made me the person I am.

I hear the man screaming close and yet so far away or is that my screams? I can't tell all I know is that this thing likes the pain it is inflicting on me. Enjoys it. Reveals in it.

Feeding off my pain.

"No. NO! I refuse to back down from this!" I scream into the nothingness that engulfs me. I struggle to move my limbs, pain shoots through every nerve ending in my body.

Its displeased with my refusal to lay down and die. Displeased that I fight back. Displeased at my defiance. The thing tries ever so harder to break me.

I refuse. I refuse to give in to it, refuse to lay down and die. Refuse to abandon the hope of one day seeing my father again.

If I was crying, I couldn't tell. I'm sure I was. I was fighting something that I could not see nor pace that was hellbent on breaking me right there on that snowy forsaken plain.

I refused to give up the hope that had kept me going all this time, the hope I felt burning brightly in my chest. In that cold darkness, I felt my hope start to burn brightly.

Felt it growing hotter by the second before, nothing and everything at the same time. Suddenly I could hear the screams, the explosions, everything and then....

light engulfed me followed up by silence. Pure blissful silence and then, nothing.

Nyt watched his Guardian tossing and turning in her sleep. He stayed on his little pillow above her.

He knew better than to move when she was like this, the last time he tried waking her, he had to replace his shell.

They learned the hard way that after years of looking over their shoulder's she was more prone to attacking before asking questions. Not that he could ever blame her.

He too would have done the same thing in her shoes. Sometimes he wished that he had a more human form to help his Guardian than the constrictive form he had.

He knew from all the people watching he did that sometimes, people just need to be held, Guardian's too needed that from time to time. His Hunter needed that more than anyone.

The pain and suffering that she had gone through before and after his birth were more than he could bare most days.

In the beginning, there were many days that his Hunter was not sober so many drunken binges she went on until she decided to fight back. Again, he couldn't blame her, ever.

Sure, they had their fights over the years, argued over things that at the time were important but at the end of the day, all they had was each other.

In the coming days of the Collapse, the two of them had to run and hide in the shadows.

Even though the world had gone to hell in a handbasket,

Clovis Bray still wanted his Guardian in his grasp to ensure that she would never find her father and bring light to the cruel fate of the Exo program.

Two hundred years after the collapse, was when they were able to relax a little. Well, as much as one could relax in this Dark Ages.

In the present, there was a little more wiggle room not that they ever took anyone up on the offer. It was all they knew after all.

He thought back to that fateful day oh so long ago. The moment the Traveler fell and with his birth, all he could think was my other is nearby.

Underneath the sleeping Traveler, he had heard the soul-wrenching agonized scream from a young woman. He felt the searing light emitting from her still breathing crumbled form.

Even as he scanned her unconscious body, he could feel the light burning defiantly as if daring anyone to challenge her.

It was at the moment he found that she was his other and that they would be the first to rise after the fall. Though she was still alive he thought, at least one.

At least one must remember the world the way it once was. It doesn't matter if the others that follow do not, just one needs to remember.

He made his choice that day to either let her die before binding himself to her or, allow her to live and become other with him. Not once did he regret his choice.

He only wished that the path before them was not so difficult. It was her choice to remain hidden from the world.

To allow the passing of the ages flow by them and not interfere with the passing of time.

There had been those that had expressed their thoughts on if only they could speak with someone from the Golden Age.

Just one person to help them understand the way the world as it once was and yet, she kept her silence. Her thought was that it was better the let the old world be left in the past.

There would be only pain and sadness if left alone to dwell on it and so, she kept her silence. He only wished that there was someone they could talk to.

There were rumors that the Awoken remembered the world as it once was but they were on the other side of the system and such talk would only draw attention to themselves.

The other Ghost's had honored their wish to remain silent about the surrounding of their past. Then again, they were all there the moment he chose her as his Guardian.

Some of them had even sought them out over time to aid them in their search for their chosen Guardian, and help them they did.

Sometimes it was a simple task to follow them and guide them back safely with their newly risen Guardian. Other times, it wasn't so easy.

There were plenty of times they returned with no new Guardian or, the task of retrieving said Guardian was a little out there.

There was that time they had to dredge up an old fighter from the bottom of the ocean. That was not a fun day.

In return, the Ghost's kept their silence knowing that some things, are better left forgotten until it was time for it to be rediscovered.

Then again, they all heard that soul-wrenching scream from her that day and with the knowledge that she had come into contact with the Darkness.

They all knew that it was best to keep that knowledge to themselves, after all, it was her choice, not theirs.

A flash of arc energy bloomed to life before him, interrupting his thoughts, followed up by the haggard breathing of his Hunter as she bolted upright.

He waited patiently for his Hunter to gather herself back in the presence. The last time he tried pulling her back to the present, the shell had to replace.

He would do it again but, he would not add to the shadows that held sway in her eyes. He wouldn't do that to her. So, he would wait for her even though it killed him.

A moment later her emerald eyes met his single glowing blue eye.

He watched as the shadows of the haunted past slithered back into their depths while the light slowly returned to their rightful place in her eyes.

"I didn't hurt you this time, did I?" She asked softly.

If he had a heart, it would have been hurt by the fact she was still beating herself up over an event that happened so long ago. "No, you didn't and you won't ever."

She breathed out a sigh of relief.

"What were you dreaming about?" He asked after a moment of silence. He always asked and the answer was always the same; to not worry about it.

He watched as she chewed the bottom of her lip. Ten more seconds and she would respond with the same answer, it was always the same he knew, this song and dance of theirs.

"I was dreaming about that day, the day you found me and....... the Darkness." She responded a moment later.

Surprise had him shooting up from the little pillow she had found him years ago. Joking that he too needed a place to rest when they weren't out in the field. A place of his own she had said.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asked afraid that she might shut him out again.

Wrapping the thick blanket around herself like a shield to ward off the memories she answered. "I think, it might be time to talk about it.

" Hope flared into his little shell at the words he had always hoped to hear one day. His Hunter took a deep breath before speaking again. "I was dreaming about the Darkness and how it felt.

This.... coldness... This cruel wrongness. I could feel its malice as it tried to crush what made me well me.

" She pulled the blanket around herself tighter as if trying to hide from the memory playing in her mind.

"I could feel how it revealed in hurting me, that it had no intention of letting me escape it.

It's hard to explain Nyt but I felt it pushing, twisting and pulling me in directions that shouldn't be. I felt it in my lungs, my blood everything and it just felt so cold so..... wrong."

He gently bumped her on the head as she spoke of things that happened so long ago.

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