Cayde has a Job for Lexie Part 2
Cayde has a Job for Lexie Part 2 cayde stories

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Part 2 of Cayde has a job for Lexie. Warning, bring some tissues! This is gonna be a rough one.

Cayde has a Job for Lexie Part 2

Three weeks later

Lexie and Nyt stood at the spot Cayde had specified three weeks earlier. Little had they known, it would be the last time they ever saw both hunter and Ghost ever again.

Both had been murdered by the Awoken Prince Uldren. Saladin’s Young Wolf was currently hunting down all those that had a part in.

Zavala himself had ordered all Guardian’s to hunt down the escaped prisoners from The Prison of Elders and to stay away from the Reef.

Even though they were gone, Lexie had been determined to uphold her end of the agreement. If only to hold a piece of something that would have been and her way of saying goodbye to the pair.

The ghost of Cayde-6 had surprised them though. Nestled into the shadows of the wreckage of the building sat a lone chest with Cayde’s personal symbol etched into it.

Upon opening the chest answers and questions had been raised. Lexie had been sitting there for more than an hour trying to process what she had found. A recording sat beside her.

“Is this thing on? Can't quiet tell.

(Clang, cursing follows as the recording was dropped.)

Really hope that was not recorded.

(Cayde clears his throat)

Lexie, if your listening to this then.... I’m dead. No real easy way of saying that. (Cayde sighs heavily)

I know you have questions and I promised that I would answer them. Oh my cotton socks this is hard.

Listen kid. You’re not really a kid but anyway, I'm.....

dead and your listening to a dead man ramble on a wrecked building in the middle of the night wondering what the hell did I do to get into this mess? Long story short is, I drew a bad hand.

Lost everything in a bad hand and now this. I'm not making any sense I know. Petra can give you the details on what happened.

I owe you answers... a lot of them. Let me start over.

A long time ago, you made a code phrase with someone should anything happen should.... should things be forgotten. The Ace is in the House of Spades.

You are speechless right now. And angry. Most likely wanting to throttle me for not saying anything sooner. It’s alright to be angry with me Ace. That's right, I remember you Ace.

I wrote to you... a lot actually. I had..... wrote letters to myself for when I started over.... rebooted. You know the drill with us Exo’s. We reboot. Start over.

Forget everything from the previous number. For us Guardian’s it’s a little easier, we have our Ghosts. They help us with the parts of who and what. Anyway, I've known who you were....

ARE to me for some time. Just never find the right time to tell you.

I wanted to tell you the other night. I knew I should have but I kept thinking, just three more weeks. Three more weeks and I can finally tell you.

Maybe convince you to not wander back out in the wilds, keep you near me ya know? Maybe catch up, figure out what went wrong back then. Figure out.... a lot of things.

My only regret is that I never told you in person and now I’m gone and you’re... alone in the world again. I mean you have your Ghost but I’m gone.

I know you’ve been around since the Collapse, but that’s about it. I really wanted to know how that all happened. What all went down and how you became a Guardian.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad... Happy that you’re here and also not so happy that I've personally sent you out on those missions that could have taken you away from me again.

That stunt with the ship? Took all my self-restraint to not fly out there and drag you back myself. Sundancer had to talk me out of locking you up in Tower after that. Ace you had me scared.

Terrified. I have never been that terrified like that in a long time but you came back in one piece. A little banged up but alive.

Hell, I wanted to yell at you but that would have raised questions that I didn’t want to answer that in front of the others at least.... not yet.

Anyway, I've rambled long enough. Inside this cache, you’ll find everything that I have been able to gather on Clovis Bray and the Exo’s. There are things that I haven’t been able to find out.

I know... I know that you’ve been running from things in your own past.

Things that you may not be ready to confront just yet but if you are, if you are ready to tackle Clovis Bray and all the things that destroyed our family.

The things that took me away from you Ace, then start here. I only wish that I had been able to remain by your side. Good luck Ace.

You send those bastards straight to hell, you hear me Ace? You send those lying slippery bastards to hell with me waiting on the other side for them.

Nyt, keep her safe you hear? Don't make me come back to have a word with ya.

Ace I’m.... sorry. Sorrier than you’ll ever know. Keep moving forward you hear? And maybe someday, we’ll see each other again. I love you Ace.

-End recording

Tears streamed down her face. It was like a well had broken inside her as everything from the long years came bubbling up.

Lost in her own memories of both the human Cayde and the Exo Cayde flooded her mind. The question, why didn’t he tell me sooner bounced around her mind like an echo in a cave.

A sob escaped her lips. She quickly covered her mouth with both hands. Like a dam that has broken, more sobs followed.

In the dead of night, atop of a lonely wrecked building beneath the Traveler's shadow sat a long hunter with her Ghost, mourning the loss of a dear friend and beloved father; Cayde-6.

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