Cayde-6 has a job for Lexie
Cayde-6 has a job for Lexie cayde6 stories

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Cayde-6 has a job for Lexie that is not Vanguard sanctified. Cayde seems to believe that Lexie is the best hunter for the job.

Cayde-6 has a job for Lexie

“One bowl of spicy ramen Guardian. Need anything else just holler.”

Nyt watched as his Guardian nodded at the server before slurping her bowl of ramen as nothing had happened an hour ago.

He titled his shell a little to watch her as she breathed like a demented Ahamkara that forgot how to breathe or kill. He had seen a few of those in his time.

Usually with a front row seat reviving his Guardian for doing something reckless.

He really did wonder how the rest of the Vanguard did not know anything about their stunts then again, there were those that kept them out of the limelight. Not that he was complaining.

He liked the shadows better than being in the center of the light. Other Ghosts said that he was strange.... different from the rest of them.

Even those that had lost their Guardians to the Shadows of Yor said he was far different than themselves. Even if he could tell them the truth he wouldn’t.

The two of them had their secrets, even to this day they still carried the burdens from before the collapse and after. For them, the silent war would never be over.

“You know..... you did this every time right?” His mechanical voice asked as his Guardian shot him a glare.

Every time they were in the Last City, they would stop at one of the numerous ramen joints but this one was her favorite.

Even if they would only be in the city for an hour, they would always stop here. Each time, the owners of the place would ask how they had been and what they had seen out in the wilds.

Each time there would be more haunted shadows in her eyes as she watched the owners of the shop age before their eyes a little more each time until finally,

they had passed on to more peaceful days of eternal sleep. Unless a Ghost woke them up. Stranger things have happened, themselves being part of that.

“Each time I will say this. This ramen is the best damn ramen I have ever had and I will keep burning my tongue and breathing like a retarded Ahamkara.

” His Guardian responded before chasing down her words with a glass of water.

Before he could respond with his usual words, a hunter slipped in beside them. An extra bowl of spicy ramen was placed before the hunter without any words could be exchanged.

The hunter is question was the Vanguard leader of the Hunters himself; Cayde-6 with his ghost Sundancer.

Cayde nodded his thanks to shop before taking a bite of his ramen. Both of them eyed Cayde carefully.

It was only a matter of time before one the Vanguard or Shaxx found them, given how their meeting went. Nyt could still hear Zavala yelling at them.

He honestly half expected Zavala to throw his Guardian off the tower. Even Ikora had been rubbing her temples during the meeting. Shaxx..... he didn’t even want to look at the giant Titan.

With the helmet on it made it rather difficult to read his expression. For all, he knew Shaxx might have wanted to throw them into the crucible.

“Gotta say, I have never seen Zavala that angry before. Usually it's me he’s mad at not that I give him any reason too.” Cayde remarked before eating more of his ramen.

“Zavala doesn’t let you out of the tower for those reasons Cayde. Even you were remarking about how some of your..... past antics paled in comparison to this.” Sundancer chimed in.

“That’s because ours don’t get reported. Where we go, we don’t usually have the luxury of backup or playing by the rules.” Nyt’s hunter hissed.

“The tower has forgotten what the world was like before the walls were built. What the world is like in the far reaches of the wilds.

There are still places and things out there that the Vanguard hasn’t seen nor dealt with before. Be glad we don’t put those things in our reports.” Nyt’s hunter snapped in frustration.

“Lexie....,” Cayde set his bowl down to look at them both evenly, “That’s not what I'm saying alright? I get it. Trust me I do.

Both Shiro and I know that you alone go to the places that would scare lesser Guardian’s. The type of places that would make a sane person run away screaming.

You walk into those hell holes and then some. You alone take the risks that others would not be willing to do, even if ordered so.

” Both Cayde and Lexie stared at each other, one hostile and the other offering a peace flag. “Look Zavala is just angry that the mission went way south the way it did.

That fireteam came back safe because of you although blowing up your ship on the other hand.... that may have been a little overboard.

The point is, you saved those Guardian’s when we thought it was over for them.”

“Not like we don’t have several ships already. A good Hunter keeps several caches and safe houses.” Lexie responded a moment later. Just like that, the tension was gone.

“We happened to be in the area when the distress call came through.”

Nyt thought back to the mission in question. Four Guardians had gone down into an unexplored area of the Arcology following a strange reading that Sloane had picked up.

Nothing could have prepared them for what they had found. Nyt wasn’t even sure what exactly had happened.

All they knew was that a distress call had been sent out with reports of an ogre and several wizards, servants of Sava Thun, closing in on them with numerous knights blocking them in.

Nyt and Lexie had been in the area following up a lead of their own when the call went out.

Believing that all was lost, the fireteam had been prepared to go out in a final blaze of glory while taking out as many of the Hive as they could with them.

Lexie had been able to make a small breach in the Arcology by blowing up her ship. There was more to the story, however, the main thing was that the fireteam had been safely pulled out.

No one wanted anymore Guardian’s to fall prey to the Hive. Not like that again. Never again like that.

Both Cayde and Lexie went back to eating their ramen while both Ghost’s silently bobbed in the air. No one disturbed them in their little spot.

Even the children had the sense to steer clear of them. Soon both bowels were empty. Cayde looked at the two of them with a strange gleam in those eyes of his.

Clearing his throat he said, “Hey uhhh listen, I may have a job for ya if you’re interested.”

Lexie turned her head slowly to face him before setting her now empty glass down.

“You have an entire vanguard of hunters to choose from for your jobs and you choose me for this? The hunter who blew up her own ship?”

“You have extra ships.” Nyt slipped in.

“Beside the point.” Lexie shot back.

“Maybe this isn’t a good idea Cayde,” Sundancer said gently.

Cayde waved his hand, dismissing what Sundancer had said. Leveling his gaze at Lexie, he leaned back in his chair to get a better look at her. “You’re angry with the Vanguard, with.... us....

with me. I know that.” He took a deep breath before exhaling it. “Look, this job I have, it’s just you, Petra and myself on this.

Provided if Petra has a moment of free time for this if not just us. No Vanguard, no Ikora, no Zavala grinding his teeth over the feed at whatever stunts we pull. Not even Shiro on this.”

“It’s not Vanguard sanctified?” Nyt asked.

“Nope.” Cayde quipped.

“This is why you’re not allowed to leave the Tower.” Sundancer groaned.

Nyt and Lexie looked at each other, words were no longer required for some things between them. Some things they just knew without saying.

Then again, the two of them had been together for a very long time. Some days it felt longer than others.

“What’s the job?” They said together.

“That I will tell you on a later date,” Cayde said standing up to stretch. “Don’t tell anyone but I’m taking Saladin’s Young Wolf to the Prison of Elders with me.

Petra asked me for some help on a... project of shorts.”

“You do intend to tell us what this job is right?” A confused Lexie asked.

“I do.” Cayde stared back at Lexie with that strange look again. “Give me..... three weeks to get things in order.”

“So soon?” A shocked confused Lexie asked.

Both Cayde and Sundancer refused to look at either one of them. Cayde clenched his fist tightly at whatever thought passed through that head of his. “I.... we.....

This is something I’ve put off for a..... very long time.”

“It's not your fault, you know that. We’ve been over this.” Sundancer whispered.

“I know that. I do.” He softly replied. His words seemed both hallow and haunted. Pained almost. Like something was tormenting the Exo.

A ghost that only he could see but, at that moment, felt very much real. Something that scared the two of them.

“Cayde, what’s going on?” Nyt asked concerned for the safety of his hunter.

“Nothing. Everything. Something.” Cayde babbled not making any sense. Turning to face them, he said, ”I promise, I’ll explain in three weeks, okay? I swear on my pretty little floral bonnet---

“You have a Hunter cloak.” Sundancer dryily said.”

“Beside the point!” He punctuated by pointing at his Ghost. “The point I’m trying to make is that I will explain all of this in three weeks.

Okay?” He waited until Lexie nodded her confused understanding to him. “Alright meet me at the abandoned portion of the city, the highest building to be exact. Midnight.”

“I’m going to hold you to that!” Lexie called out to the pair as they walked away. Cayde waved his hand over his head to show that he heard them.

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