A stressful day in the life of Shiro Part 6
A stressful day in the life of Shiro Part 6 shiro-4 stories

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The smaller portion of part 6. Is Shiro awake? Does he hear the words from a bygone age, spoken in both pain and anger?

A stressful day in the life of Shiro Part 6

“You ask me why I keep my silence? Why I don’t let the Vanguard know that I am the first to rise? The one who first stood before the sleeping Traveler?

” Lexie asked she could hear the pain in her voice. “This is why.” Gesturing to the scar over her heart before she continued, “This is the price I have paid time and time again.

The price I refuse to allow another to pay.” She looked away to check and see if Shiro was still asleep, from what she could tell he was.

Allowing the anger to fill her words she said, “I refuse to allow that bastard to take another person I care about away from me.

I’ve already lost more than you will ever know I refuse to lose another!”

A very slight movement caught her attention out the window from one of the nearby buildings, someone was very sloppy if they thought she wouldn’t notice.

Deciding that enough had been spoken, she 6 back to her room. Shortly after that, a heavy geared up Nyt and Lexie made their way out the door. Not before taking one last look at her friend.

“I’ll come back to you.” Words were spoken softly, a promise she made to herself. A promise she needed to help push through the darkness she would eventually have to traverse.

She knew that she wasn’t ready to leave the Tower just yet but first, she had to figure out who was spying on her.

What felt like an eternity after the door had shut, the now alone Ghost spoke, “How much did you hear?”

Shiro sat up from the sofa, staring at the blanket Lexie had draped over him. He had to think about what all he heard, the things he was never meant to hear.

He always knew that Lexie was old, older than most Guardians. The few that did know about her had made several bets over the years.

Some of the Guardians from the time the city was just a small village recalled a strange Guardian that even the Iron Lords left alone.

Come to think of it, he recalled something that Saladin had mumbled during her matches.

“After all this time, you show yourself once more.” Words that had been uttered so soft, he had almost missed them.

At the time, he had not understood what Saladin had been referring to. Now? Now he knew exactly what the Iron Lord spoke of.

He could hardly believe that his best friend was the first Guardian to walk, the first to stand before the Traveler. The first of many things.

On the one hand, he wanted to be angry with her for withholding that information but on the other, he didn’t know what horrors had hunted her at that time.

What was it that had scared her so bad that she would ask the Ghosts to not speak of her?

Who was it that made her so angry that she would face them alone for fear of them taking another away from her? He had very few answers but so many new questions rose from the depths.

Steeling himself, for what he would have to do he looked up at his Ghost.


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