A stressful day in the life of Shiro Part 5
A stressful day in the life of Shiro Part 5 shiro-4 stories

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Part 5 of a Stressful day in the life of Shiro.
Shiro's Ghost learns a little more about the two. A little light is shed on why they keep their silence.

A stressful day in the life of Shiro Part 5

Lexie watched as Shiro slowly fell asleep from her chair. She waited a few moments before crawling over with her blanket wrapped around her.

Popping up beside Shiro, she waved her hand over his face. No response but the steady whirl from the Exo frame.

With her knowledge of the Exo program, she had worried about him suffering from a break or DER as they had called it back then. A lie she thought, a partial lie hidden within the truth.

She had come to expect nothing less of Bray if was what he excelled at. Truths are hidden within a web of lies he told people to get them on board with his ideas.

Unfortunately, those ideals also took away her family but they had also allowed her to reconnect with her father and make new friends over the long years.

She often wonders what her Exo friends would have been like in their human form before the Exo program stole their bodies away.

“You should tell him.” Shiro's Ghost spoke up after checking her Guardian.

Lexie merely shook her at the suggestion.

In truth, she had thought about telling him so many times over the years, now more than ever but, she didn’t want him to be burden by a ghost that refused to stay dead.

What no one knew was that she spent a lot of time hacking into any Clovis Bray tech that she could find.

With her skills of Golden Age tech and her Ghost, they always found more information with the way they worked.

After all, had she been given the chance back then, she too would have either became a scientist or pursued a career in tech.

Nyt would often joke that she should have been a Warlock instead of a Hunter.

What Warlock would know how to set the elaborate traps she did? What Warlock would know how to survive out in the desolate fields they traversed?

No, being a Warlock with that knowledge would only draw attention. The kind of attention they didn't need she would say.

“Tell him, Lexie! He worries about you!” His Ghost exclaimed, determined to set her Guardian at ease. “We all do.

” The last part had been uttered softly enough that only the four of them would have heard it.

Nyt had stopped humming once Shiro's Ghost had spoken, Shadow Empire from Kamelot was the tune.

Nyt had downloaded all the music off her old phone a long time ago, it wasn’t uncommon for him to randomly hum an old tune.

She still had her old phone from back then, kept it all this time in case, her father had remembered her. That and the memories it held.

“You swore an oath, we all did on that day.” Nyt reminded the Ghost of the long-ago promise. A promise to never reveal the surrounding of his Guardian’s creation.

The Vanguard would not look kindly upon them after all this nor their own Ghosts. What else did they hide, they would ask. What else do you know about the Golden Age they would ask.

Why would they hide from the world like this? The questions would go on until they were imprisoned within the Tower. Neither of them could risk that.

There were too many things out there that needed the Guardians needed to be protected from. Horrors that not even Osiris knew about.

They trusted the Vanguard but that trust could only go so far when you had been hunted your entire life.

A sudden motion silenced the two bickering Ghosts. Lexie had placed her blanket around Shiro, Exo's did not get cold but she wouldn't treat them any less human.

Anything less than what they deserved. Standing up, she walked over to her side of the loft.

After the long day they had, she needed a moment alone, a moment sent to wash away the grim off her, just a moment. A moment to let her guard down even if just slightly.

That was all she could afford was a moment. In truth, she was so very tired.

Tired of fighting, of all the secrets bottled up within her, tired of the long vigil of walking this path alone with no one else but her Ghost. Just…… tired.

The years had worn on her more than she would ever admit. In the beginning, yes she had hope. Hope that with her new found friend and body that maybe, they could best Bray at his own game.

A hope that was slowly growing dim with each passing day to seemed. Did she wish to give up? Hell no. The day she gave up was the day she would die her final death and so, she soldier on.

Shiro woke to the sound of the water shutting off. How long he slept, he did not know. He heard both Ghosts bickering about something he could not quite hear.

It made him wonder what had happened while he slept. Before he could move, a door opened somewhere in the loft followed by very light footsteps and a gasp of horror from his Ghost.

He pretended to be asleep, whatever was happening behind was something he would not normally find out. So, he stayed perfectly still.

Nyt knew the moment the Ghost he had been arguing with saw the scars that marred his Guardian's body.

Some of them had been made over the following years during their time but the rest? Those had been made by another, someone he himself would not mind seeing dead.

Shiro's Ghost floated passed him to see for themselves the damage that had been done to Lexie's body.

He turned to find that his Hunter was at least clothed with a simple sports bra covering her chest. He always felt the slight shiver down his shell when he saw the scars.

It was a testament at what his Hunter would endure, had endured.

But one scar stood out to him that would forever send a jolt of fear into him, a starburst scar that rested directly over her heart.

Lexie stood still had the Ghost scanned her scars, this was the first time another, aside from Nyt, had seen these scars.

There was a reason she always kept her skin covered, not because of her line of work but at the scars she carried.

Every now and then, she would hear the Ghost mumble at what caused the scars, the horror she could hear in their voice.

Until, the Ghost came to the one scar that forever terrified and tormented her own Ghost, the one above her heart.

She thought back to that day, the day of the Collapse. The Ghosts had made their promise to her before leaving to find their own.

Nyt had healed all her wounds and bruises she had sustained from escaping Bray's men.

There had been this silence around them as the world around them crumbled into something no one would recognize. This eerie silence as Nyt healed her body.

How long had they sat there under the silent Traveler, she did not know. Just that the world she knew was gone and now something more dangerous awaited them, replacing the world she once knew.

Had she been paying attention, she would have noticed the sniper trained on her, waiting for her to make a move.

In the trees, one of Bray's men had survived the attack from the Darkness. It left him alive, for it saw the malice in his heart, malice it loved. So, the Darkness allowed him to live.

Very carefully, the man had made his way closer to his target. He had watched the strange little balls fly away to the parts untold, watched the single one heal all the wounds in his target.

His thought was that if the target died, then he could bring back something even greater that they had never seen before. He did prefer to bring back both alive, unharmed was a different story.

He had already witnessed the girl kill his men and he would not make the same mistake. This girl, this woman would have to pay for the damage she had wrought.

The man knew that he would have to injure her greatly to bring her in, Clovis Bray had been explicit in his orders. Bring the girl to him alive, only he could end her life if he so chose.

By the time he was in close range, he took the shot.

One minute she had been talking to Nyt and the next, pain had exploded across her body.

Dropping to the ground, she realized that she had been shot through her thigh, it wasn’t a killing blow but rather a maiming blow.

A shot that was to meant to slow her down make her easier to contain. Pushing through the pain, she turned to where the shot had been fired. A fully armored man had gotten the drop on her.

Careless she had thought but there was nothing she could do and the man fired another shot at her, this time aiming at her right shoulder supporting the gun she was holding.

Screaming, she dropped to the ground. Nyt had screamed her name before finding himself on the other end of the barrel.

Slowly, the man made his way to them, keeping his gun trained on them. He knew the girl would be going nowhere, not with those injuries. Once he closed in in them, he kicked her gun away.

Not caring at the pain he caused her, he placed his foot on her wounded shoulder before digging his boot into the wound. She had let out a scream at the pain coursing through her body.

Satisfied that his target would not be going anywhere, he had turned his attention to Nyt.

Questioning the poor floating ball, he learned that any physical damage was done to his target, the little ball could repair it.

Deciding that this required testing, he shot her point blank where her heart rested.

What happened next was something that had terrified Nyt ever since. He had revived Lexie that day, terrified that he had lost her in such a short amount of time.

The man though, he did not live after that. Upon revival, Lexie had gathered her light into a single ray that had incinerated the man standing over her body.

An event that had sadly left its mark on her. The very mark that Shiro's Ghost was now starring at.

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