A stressful day in the life of Shiro Part 4
A stressful day in the life of Shiro Part 4 shiro-4 stories

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Part 4.

A stressful day in the life of Shiro Part 4

“Anything to do with the bets... He made?” A little over six months had passed since the murder of his mentor, his friend, and still, he could not bring himself to say the words.

None of them could without struggling. He could not help but wish that his old friend was still here. He might have known how to help handle his best friend.

He turned his attention back onto Lexie. He watched as the shadows that had always been in the back creep forward very slowly. It was then that, he noticed how worn out she looked, how tired.

He could see the dark circles under her eyes, the number of blades and weapons she now carried. More weapons then she had ever kept on her person.

If he didn’t know any better, he would have thought she had lost some weight, but Guardian’s could not be affected like that, could they?

He noticed that every now and then, her eyes would dart across the surrounding area around them as if, looking for some enemy that would harm them.

He didn’t know of any hostiles in the area and even if they were, why would she be looking for them?

There was this..... feeling this sadness that clung to her. Her eyes no longer held the same light they once did, oh it was still there just more muted, duller.

Something had happened to his friend on the day they all learned that Cayde-6 had been murdered. The day the Young Wolf had carried his lifeless body and Ghost back to the Tower.

He had been there that day, taking over both his and Cayde’s duties while he went out to help their old friend Petra.

The silence that had filled the Tower that day, it still haunted him.

When Ikora and Zavala had made the announcement following the Young Wolf’s departure towards the Tangled Shore, it had killed something in everyone.

He would admit, he put all the Hunter’s before himself, made sure that all of them were able to grieve and focused their anger towards the Prison of Elder’s escapees. He just....

missed one, the one that mattered most to him, his best friend he could not help. The best friend he could not figure out how to help now.

“Lexie....” He started before she held up a hand to silence him.

“I know you’re angry with me. You have every right to be. You’re here, helping us the best way that you can, by yourself. It's not right.

You need help and here I am making it more difficult for you.” She let out a heavy sigh before turning away from him to look up at the Traveler looming over them.

It felt like, that the Traveler was closer was listening in almost, at least to him anyway.

“I should have told you about the bets, I just didn’t think you would be overseeing today’s matches with Saladin.”

His anger and frustration at her vanished in that instance, he could hear the heavy sadness in her words, her tone. Now? All he wanted to do was help his friend but he didn’t know how.

He never knew. Always left out in light while the shadows clung to his friend.

Which was strange, it always felt like the light was brighter around her and now? He could feel the creeping cold of the darkness around them.

This feeling that something was coming and it would tear his friend away from him and the Guardian’s.

“Talk to me.” Pushing himself off from his spot he walked over to her. “Don’t push me away Lexie. Let me help.”

She refused to look at him. “You can’t. No one can,” she whispered softly while starring up at the Traveler. “I’m sorry Shiro but this is a path I can’t let you follow me down.

” Lexie turned to look at him with the ageless sadness heavy in those strange emerald eyes of her. Ghosts from an age that he couldn’t even begin the fathom.

“A path I myself am not ready to follow.” He almost didn’t hear the last part. Beneath the tense moment under both Traveler and the night sky, a sudden rumble could be heard.

Looking towards the source of the noise, Shiro realized that the source of the noise was none other than Lexie.

“Sorry Shiro, we came straight over from our flat without eating. Not that I require food mind you.” Her Ghost Nyt remarked.

Stuffing his concern aside, for now, they would talk about this later he was sure for he had no intention of letting this slide.

Not after he had finally seen first hand of the state his friend was in. He would be a fool and a bad friend if he were to ignore the signs right in front of him.

“Loft? You have a loft here in the city and not once thought to tell me about this?” He fainted mock hurt. That succeeded in getting the shadows to leave her eyes before she shoved him.

“Keep that up and I won’t invite you over to see your room.” She responded walking away from him towards one of the ramen joints they both loved to eat at.

“What do mean I have a room?”

“Not gonna lie, this is a rather nice flat you have here. You sure it’s alright for me to use the other room?” Shiro asked while lounging on the sofa.

After stuffing themselves on several bowls of ramen, they had returned back to the loft Lexie had bought. Now, they found themselves either on the sofa or the large chair Lexie was sitting on.

He looked around the fully furnished room. He wondered how they managed to get everything in without anyone noticing not that he was complaining.

The only thing he would complain about was the large chest of guns Lexie had dropped on him halfway up the stairs.

Both of them had panicked when the damn thing burst open to have a fully loaded Gjallerhorn fallout. For some reason, Lexie had forgotten about having the thing locked away in a chest.

Between trying to grab the things and balance the fully loaded chest, it was an eventful evening.

Now? They had the loft decked out, plenty of space for several of the weapons caches they had laying around. Both had their own rooms, each on the other side of the loft.

“And have you sleep in your office all the time or your ship?” Lexie hurled a pillow at him.

“You need your own space just like the others have plus, I’ll be going back out into the field eventually.

Think of it this way, I won’t be here often enough for you to complain and you have your own space to relax during your off hours.

” Lexie buried herself under one of the blankets she had dragged out. Her Ghost gently bobbed around her head while humming a tune from a bygone time.

He thought about what she said, as always she had a valid point. Honestly, he had been doing just that for the last six months, give or take.

While he had been taking care of things Tower side, Lexie had been running his normal routes for him on top of her normal duties.

He couldn’t tell which was working harder at this point, himself or her. Lexie would say that he was the one working harder these days and that he needed the break more than her.

The more he thought about the idea, the more he liked it.

On the one hand, he would be rooming with his best friend, he would also be able to keep a close eye on her in the event that something does happen. Those were thoughts for another day.

Right now, he needed sleep and this couch felt extremely comfortable. Before he knew it, he had drifted off to sleep without the nightmares for once.

Maybe it was because he had his best friend nearby to keep him company, a friend that he trusted with his life.

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