A stressful day in the life of Shiro-4 Part 2
A stressful day in the life of Shiro-4 Part 2 drifter stories

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Part 2 of A stressful day in the life of Shiro-4. This portion is a little shorter than the other one.

A stressful day in the life of Shiro-4 Part 2

Back out on the field, the Hunter motioned for the Ghost to revive their Guardian. A burst of light erupted from the Ghost before the Titan jolted into an upright position.

The Titan met the Hunter's gaze before slowly raising his arms up. The Hunter drew something from beside her holster before tossing it in front of the Titan.

What it was he couldn’t tell from the screen. Suddenly, the Titan's Ghost flew in between his Guardian and the Hunter as if protecting the Titan.

The Titan placed a hand on his Ghost while shaking his head before gently moving his Ghost out of harm’s way.

Accepting their fate, the Titan kneeled before the Hunter while lowering his head waiting for what everyone believed to be his final death.

Words spoken softly to not be picked up over the comms were spoken. Whatever was said made the Titan’s head snap up to stare at the Hunter before him.

A moment past then very slowly the kneeled Titan drew out what appeared to be a large black hand cannon from his holster.

The very same hand cannon that he had been using for the duration of the match. Placing it on the ground, both Titan and Ghost transmated out of the area.

Carefully, the Hunter moved towards the hand cannon to secure it before leaving the area herself.

Lord Saladin looked over to Shiro-4 to ask him what had transpired before seeing the confused look on his face.

the fact that an Exo could make such a confused expression amused him to no ends but that was a thought for another day. Suddenly, a solid bout of cursing could be heard beside himself.

Everyone turned to look at Shaxx who was in the middle of cursing while scanning through some data on his tablet.

Very slowly, Shaxx looked up to glare at Shiro. “Did you know that there were several large bets placed on that Hunter?”

“No? Bets, what bets? I haven’t placed any!” Shiro exclaimed in confusion.

“Not by you...... by...... Cayde. He had several large bets placed on your friend that are to be paid out to her.” Shaxx answered slowly.

The only thing that could be heard were the sounds of the city below them.

“WHAT!?!” The entire Tower could hear Shiro-4's rage.

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