Burn after Reading
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Burn after Reading Or hide as evidence

Burn after Reading

Burn after Reading Or hide as evidence

This secret game has gotten lonely

You give me crumbs of attention I use them to feed the cravings

Your a dead end street

Neither one wants to take the wheel Crash baby crash My marriage will

Drinking coffee all day Just to feel my heart beat I don't have a moment of peace Between lies and desire

I don't feel guilty or shameful For what I know is familiar, erotic and playful

With your perfect girl

And my perfect husband

But we had to find something else within each other

Broken and bent Salty and sour

Authentic disguises Unfulfilled saviors

Too much will never be enough For lovers like us

Our time is spent

We did not break any laws

It's all for the best

I love you Good bye

It hurts to lie It hurts to want I've gotta find out Whats beneath my cries

I'm a dead end street An open book With everything to loose Walking to surrender Away from our wounds

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