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Flash Fiction of the course of a love story.

their eyes

She had eyes he could get lost in. He had ones in which she could swim. Different hues lapping over one another, all the details like the tide dragging her in.

Sun beams would glisten but still not compare to the rays of his smile.

His smile, each straight tooth like the bars of a cage keeping her enticed. It would open and out would erupt wonderful bouts of laughter.

Laughter, like a siren’s song, would wrap around her waist and lure her into their home she could never adapt to.

She would drift back to his seas and, once again, find herself wading through the depths. They would whisper stories to her, stories of his past, their present, her future.

Some days, a storm would pass through, causing them to overflow and spill out over the hills of his cheeks but the stillness of her trees would comfort him.

Soon enough, winter came around. All her leaves dropped, revealing her most naked form while he froze over.

She would reach out to the parts of him she thought she knew and would be met with an icy surface. Coldness smothered the places where welcoming radiated just weeks before.

Her bare forest would scream secrets, but his sea remained glossed over, emotionless. Her frustration forced through and demanded for the love she once knew.

The pressure made him crack and she plummeted to the dark abyss he never wanted her to see.

Every wave of his anger collapsed on top of her, dragging her under with such velocity, she never had a chance to breathe.

The slamming of doors convulsed the enraged ripples while her exposed trees trembled.

Between all the crashing and cracking, he noticed the gentlest rainstorm making its way through her woods. Everything hushed except for her whimper.

He cradled her and comforted her and told her he was sorry.

The storm never did subside.

She had eyes he could get lost in. He had ones in which she drowned.


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