could never, cannot
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valerieBreathe. You're alive.
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could never, cannot

by valerie

• i could never build,

if your intent was to destroy.

I could never love you

solely in monetary values.

I could never see the sunshine,

if you only pointed out the storms.

I could only watch you

as you tore yourself apart.

I won’t be beside you,

god knows I wanted to.

I won’t stop to guide you,

you create your own rules.

I cannot follow you now,

I have my paths to choose.

I need not remind you

that my feelings were true.

I just hope you find your way,

you deserve to smile too. •

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valerieBreathe. You're alive.
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bernardtwindwilGifted WriterGranddad & story teller,
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This was so poignant. It was powerfully worded as you played one verse against the other. Excellent craftsmanship. Great poem!!!!!!!