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valerieBreathe. You're alive.
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by valerie

• blood shot eyes.

I need another shot.

I need another chance,

I need another fuck.

I'm shaded, so faded off of this junk.

But she's the one that stays once you're gone.

Crawl in this bed,

we end up on the floor.

We've been here too many times before.

I need to take a break,

I need another fix.

I need to forget how good your body felt under mine.

One more hit,

one last time.

Pour me 10 shots..

cause she's a dime.

I need to make her a blur

or else I'll stay craving for more.

I won't remember these nights,

they ask me " what's on your mind?"

but I'll never speak the truth.

After all, all they are

is a temporary muse. •

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