Admit One
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valerieBreathe. You're alive.
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Today's prompt: Fear

Admit One

by valerie


I have to whisper because Nana is on the other side of the room, although her snoring will probably drown out all efforts of me trying to wake my sister.

"NAANcyyyyyy.." I begin to softly shake her, she isn't fond of her sleep being disrupted.

Surprisingly her eyes softly crack open. There is no exasperated gasp or dramatic outcry.

"What Mitchell? What is it?" she grunts.

"Nancy there is a.. there's a strange man in my room, he is

trying to talk to me about Dad, he's.. he's very old." I stumble over my words as they come out because Nancy would most probably shoo me away,

claiming that the "Boogeyman" she'd constantly taunt me with isn't real, that it was all to scare young children. But instead..

her facial expression went horridly blank, causing my legs

to feel weak. My chest puffed up as she sprung from her relaxed state, like a mother springs into action when her children are threatened by a predator.


She clasped onto my hand and nearly began to drag my rag doll like small body. My legs flailing, trying to get some ground.

We made it to the end of the hall when we were faced with

the old man that I didn't want to believe was real, but his breath was hot on the surface of my sheets just moments before while in my room.

"Dearest Nancy,

did you miss me?"

Pistol in his left hand, he peered at her. I wasn't in the hall anymore, I was merely a spectator.

I was on a balcony seating section in an opera hall, music blaring intensely, the peak of the performance.

Crying now,

I squealed out for my father, for my Nana, for a savior to remove this ghastly figure from the inside of my home.

It could have been 5 shots.. it felt like dozens.

The curtains close..

but there is no audience to applaud the performance.

Cold & limp, my sisters soul exits her carcass in the most ethereal manner.


wake the hell up it's 9:40 already." The curtains are swung open, sun bursting through.

Rodney doesn't know about my sisters death, if only he had a clue about how difficult it is to crack my eyes open after revisiting that opera hall performance.

"I'm up Rodney, now please..

close the curtains."

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valerieBreathe. You're alive.
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This is a piece I have always been very proud of. ...

valerieBreathe. You're alive.
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This is excellent. I loved it. You are just a poetic machine today pumping out all these poems. I am wowed. This had all the hooks and then the 180-degree pivot of an ending. Great work!!!