a love laid to rest
a love laid to rest you-live stories

valerie Breathe. You're alive.
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When love is lost & you lay it to rest.

a love laid to rest

by valerie

• i chose to die in the meadow of flowers where we used to lay, I imagined your return and I wished for my memory to remain.

I chose to pass away in the movie theater where we first kissed, where the dim lit lights would assist the act and dismiss the nervousness.

I chose to lay to rest 2 hours out of town in a place we called "the gray valley", though it was a place that most call dreary it was a place that made us happy.

In an effort to not be killed off by you, I did it myself without even saying goodbye.

In an effort to not see you bring someone new to life, I chose to die when I saw the loss of love in your eyes.

I am still living, just now without the day to my night. •

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