The Duke of the Rivers
The Duke of the Rivers historicalfiction stories

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Set in the medieval period in Germany, the story follows the reign of the many rulers of the Duchy of the Rhine, trying to protect the family from the brutal world of medieval society. A story of bloody wars, brutal court intrigue, and inescapable fate.

The Duke of the Rivers

Prologue The Destined Child?

Once upon a time, in the fractured Kingdom of Germany. There was a 5 years old boy, Siegfried was his name. His father, Duke Martin of the Rhine, had died unexpectedly.

Thus, the boy Duke was thrust to the most dangerous of position.

The late Duke's brother, Powerhungry Ademar the Duke of Triere, wishes the Duke's throne for himself. With the help of an evil witch hatched a plan, a snake will sneak into the boy's quarter, then the snake will kill him.

In the night, the snake sneaked into Siegfried's chamber. Finding the boy to be deep asleep, the snake bares its fang and leapt. Going in for the kill.

However, Siegfried was not asleep.

He was waiting.

As soon as the snake leapt to attack him, Siegfried turned and strangled the snake.

In the morning, when the maids entered the room and saw the dead snake, they shrieked. The Commander of the Black Knight, Ulrich, rushed to the chamber.

The dead snake's stretches from the door to Siegfried's bed, it was quite the spectacle. However, for Ulrich, his vision was directed to the sight of the boy, calmly sitting on his desk, uninterested in the snake.

A few moments after that, Ademar, arrived at Siegfried's chamber. Angrily, the Duke demanded an answer for the commotion, however, the Duke's face pales as soon as he saw Siegfried sitting on his desk.

And Ulrich saw what others at the moment could not, the boy was smirking, his eyes were those of conquerors, his face made it out as if he was challenging anyone to kill him.

Ulrich shuddered,

"Perhaps, he is the destined child..."

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