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by val121ale

Have you ever just felt like you wanted to reinvent yourself?

Like no one understands that there's nothing good or bad going on. Everything is just O.K.

But there's nothing to live for. Nothing that you want to wake up and do or feel or experience.

Every day is just the same continuous cycle of boredom.

The same people are there every day.

The same people making the same mistakes, like being with the wrong group, and you feel like everything is just wrong.

But there's no way you can fix it and you just want to reinvent yourself.

You want to start over and make a new life for yourself.

Make a drastic change like cut your hair, something anything.

There is nothing you want to live for.

But there's nothing you want to die for either.

There's no reason you want to die. Just because the monotone cycle of life doesn't change nothing new, nothing fun doesn't mean dying is the way.

You just want to start over new school new place new friends everything's different.

Nobody knows who you are and you don't know anybody.

It's a fresh start on all sides.

Nobody has the same life and that's what makes everybody unique.

There's nothing you want to die for and that's why you want to start over.

Right now, there is nothing new, nothing bad everything old, and everything the same. You are okay, like always.

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