The Oath Of The Unborn
The Oath Of The Unborn stories

vaishnavidarmwaCommunity member
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The Oath Of The Unborn

by vaishnavidarmwal

Dear mum, I know I have perturbed you, I know I have given you enough pain too, It is because I want to be out of this amniotic sac of yours soon.

These nine months inside seem like nine years, I want to come out and relieve you from all your tears.

I am eagerly waiting to have a glimpse of your face, But this clock is ticking with a slow pace.

Within this time I shall make a vow, To be a righteous girl and make thou proud.

I know the world outside is far disparate from the one I am in now, I know I'll encounter difficulties but I have to adjust, that's how.

Please pardon the mistakes that I may commit, I will certainly learn from them and reach the summit.

I am ready to face the world as it is, From the momentary joys to the everlasting bliss. Love, Your Unborn.

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