Indebted To A Sense Organ
Indebted To A Sense Organ stories

vaishnavidarmwaCommunity member
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Indebted To A Sense Organ

by vaishnavidarmwal

You are priceless, Yet inexpensive. You are attractive be it in any colour, Yet many are not happy and satisfied in theirs.

Your beauty is immeasurable, You are the key that opens up our locks to the unborn.

You can visit the whole world, Though you don't have legs. You are something everyone will wish to own, But all are not that fortunate.

The ones that dearth you, Are the people whom we call the 'physically disabled',

You give us the vision of how we mould our future, We are your culprits, the ones that debilitate you.

We are the ones that misemploy you, All our good and bad acts depend on what we tend to see.

You are what the blind desire for, You are my 'eyes'.

Eyes which make me see what love is, what family is like, The harsh truths and realities about the world, And how life moves on.

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