Believe in my heart...
Believe in my heart... believe2017 stories
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vaishnaviachar I love to dream....
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This is a short story about how an orphan girl who followed her heart ended up happy...

Believe in my heart...

by vaishnavi achari

It all started when I woke up this morning. Today was, the day of new beginning, today was first of January 2017. I woke up to the empty flat and felt tears build up in my eyes.

But then again I got up and started doing my work with only one person to depend on, to believe in, which was none other than me. I knew that I had no one but myself in this world.....

So I got up and did my daily routines. I went to the nursery and started teaching the kids. After work when I was going home I felt the familiar feeling of being watched like I felt it everyday.

But today the feeling intensified and as I was heading home I saw a black SUV pulled in front of me. I was shocked but after a moment continued with my walking only to feel a hand grab me.....

I turned to see a very handsome man dressed in suit looking at me," excuse me sir, do I know you?"I asked "No but, I do know you" he said with a smile for which I instantly fell..

"I have been watching you since a long time and I know everything about you I am one of the most richest men in this country but I was never fascinated by any one but you" he said looking at me..

"tell me how did you manage to survive so many years without anyone?" He asked with a curious face. "Nothing I just believed in myself" I said even though all this situation was strange for me.

"but why are you so interested in me Mr....?" I asked "Mr. Rahul Khanna, I have a proposal to make to you and that's why I am interested.." "Okay but what proposal Rahul?"

"listen to me carefully, I am in love with you just by watching you so will you do me a favour and give us a try, as in will you be my girlfriend."

I thought about it and said what my heart said,"yes I will give you I mean us a chance and be your girlfriend...I live alone so might as well be with you...." I said.

Two years later...... Now I am happily married with Rahul. And we are on our way of having our first baby. Yes I am three months pregnant.I have all this just because I believe in me and my heart

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