Up in flames
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I wrote this while listening to "We didn't start the fire" by Billy Joel, which is pretty much a description of this piece in its entirety, but please do not attempt the actions depicted in this work.

Up in flames

Waking up had never been as easy as it is this morning. Today I have big plans I'm finally going to execute; nobody will even see it coming. My angelic reputation had been built up in suspense of today, months of planning all for today.

To say that I'm thrilled would be an understatement all my nerves are positively buzzing in preparation, to think that I had to hold back all of my delicious impulses for the big reveal today.

I get dressed like any normal day and make my way to the coffee house down the street ordering the usual slice of carrot cake and cup of green tea. Making my way to the high-school leisurely passing the town inhabitants keeping the facade of an angelic teenage girl never seemed as difficult as it does today.

Sitting through the routine 8 classes of the day never seemed as torturous as today, I could barely even listen to the incessant chatter of the gossiping girls who seemed to hang around me these past three years.

By the time the bell rings for dismissal I can barely refrain from dashing to my house to begin the first step of my plan.

On the walk to the house I was friendly-ish to the neighbors before advancing inside with the excuse of mountains of homework, when in reality I had completed it in class in advance for tonight. Just the thought of what is going to go down tonight sends shivers down my spine,

I dress in all black and prepare the supplies I've bought over the last few months in order to evade scrutiny once my plan is carried out. I watch the clock until it reads exactly 10:33 pm, then I tiptoe downstairs avoiding my mother and slip out the door, already high on adrenaline.

I take the indirect route to the townhall in order to avoid traffic cameras. I arrive at exactly 11:09, right on time. I skip around the building towards the back entrance I know the mayor leaves unlocked every Thursday night for his mistress to enter through.

I head to the records room and begin my trail of gasoline taking extra care to spread files about to spread my fire, I pour my trail through the entire down-stairs floor. Grabbing my third and fourth gas cans I make my way upstairs, I soak all of the carpeting with gasoline and make my way back outside.

The thought of everything ablaze makes me so happy, I throw multiple lighters in the line of my trail and make my way to the roof top of the adjacent building.

It takes the fire-fighters a good 30 minutes to reach the fire, but by then the whole building is a fiery inferno that puts a smile on my face. I sit there and watch as the night travels on. My clothes are covered in ash, but I can't seem to mind.

The next morning the news retells last night's events, the police arrested a middle-class businessman found near the scene of the crime. I succeeded; I completed my malicious agenda.

My urge to set the world ablaze is still not satiated...I guess the villain prevails.

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