An Unfortunate Encounter
An Unfortunate Encounter scary-clown stories

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On a spring break trip, Victoria Langdon has an unfortunate encounter with a malicious force, when the fighting moves inside of young Victoria's mind things take a dark twist. Read more to find out....

An Unfortunate Encounter

Victoria Langdon had readily packed her belongings the night before her departure thrilled for the change of scenery she would soon encounter, as an old family tradition every year on spring break her family would travel upstate to stay in an old lake house her great grandparents had built.

The car ride up was optimal for scheduling the itinerary for the next week in the old town of Cogsworth.Victoria, holding a fondness for photography always looked forward to new muses to capture, however this certain trip held a sense of foreboding for young Victoria.

Upon arrival, Victoria hoisted her bags out of her parents car and brought them to her upstairs loft bedroom, throwing on a pair of headphones Victoria began unpacking quickly before grabbing her camera and borrowing the family car to visit the abandoned circus training grounds just outside of Cogsworth

that she had been researching since January planning for the perfect shot.

She easily disregarded the no trespassing signs and swung her body over the wrought-iron gates, the overgrowth surrounding the building gave the place an eerie impression,yet Victoria continued, nonetheless.

Wrenching open the massive doors Victoria trekked to the far-left wing of the building where they used to have performance members dressing rooms in hopes of finding forgotten relics she could photograph.

Just as she was about to bypass a room she heard a voice beckoning her, unbeknownst to the horrors she was about to endure she listened.

She entered a room labeled "Bingo's dressing" , upon first inspection the room appeared to be a normal performance dressing room, but as Victoria stepped closer towards a life-size clown statue the more she got the impression of abnormality. She took a few quick shots of the statue before trying to leave the room.

Only to find herself rooted in place by some unknown force, instead of panicking like any sane person she took another glance around the room before registering that the statue had shifted.

Before she even had time to come to terms with what this observation meant, she was sucked inside her own mind. However something, like there was almost another presence inside her own head.

As she spun around trying to locate the problem she took sight of the clown statue from the room, only now the body was lounging lazily on a chair surrounded by torture equipment.

"Hello darling, pleased to meet you the name's Bingo." The clown sneered, in a fraction of a second he was off the chair and in front of Victoria who had stood easily 10 feet away from the clown.

As she tried to back up she came to the unfortunate conclusion that there were shackles around her ankles and torso that she had not noticed previously, her attention being too transfixed on the menacing clown before her currently caressing the side of her face with a sharp-edged blade.

"Such fortune that you ventured upon me tonight love, such fun we are going to have!" with that statement she was tumbling down multiple flights of stairs, feeling the pain that accompanied the fall as Bingo reappeared in-front of her bloody and mangled form.

Her right leg was most definitely broken laying at an unnatural angle and the pain in her abdomen told her something internal had been damaged as well.

All was silent as the clown peered down at her until ear-splitting laughter was heard, it took Victoria a few moments to realize it was coming from her as she reveled in her pain before hobbling up and imagining a brick in her hand.

As Bingo looked at her as if she had grown two-heads, Victoria wasted no time to begin smashing the brick against the clown's head as she cackled.

Seeing the mutilated corpse brought Victoria immense satisfaction and she wished she could capture the sight with her camera.

As soon as the clown laid motionless, she was whipped outside of her head, but still could not move.

She looked around for some solution as her eyes connected with the mirror and took in her all to much changed form.

In trying to defeat the killer clown, Victoria had become the clown, doomed to wait patiently until an unsuspecting victim stumbled upon her fossilized body now adorned in gaudy circus makeup and faded clown attire.

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