Shadows you meet
Shadows you meet  poetry stories

vagedes23 currently writting a fanatasy book
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This is a song I wrote on the gwang about loving someone who is self destructive

Shadows you meet

And it still brings you down all the memories compound

Because it tastes low

It'll strike you down one day

You pushed everything Away

And left you scared love

It's not the world at your door

Begging you for more

But it ain't love

And you cry out their names

Into the blackness of your dreams

The blood it rolling down your seams

But it ain't the same

And I'm sorry to say

But the devil wrote out

On tombs of stone

The pressure in your head

Boiled over again until release

So you ran ran ran

Run till you don't recognize the streets

Where the shadows that you meet

Don't know Ann from Elise

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