Life of a Ball
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vag There is always light in the dark.
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Here's a story about a ball. Enjoy!

Life of a Ball

There once was a red ball sitting in a cage with all of it's family.

The ball was getting bored of sitting there but it was on the bottom of the pile.

One by one.

Day by day.

The ball Sat there waiting.

Watching its family leave one by one. Day by day.

The pile was getting smaller but there were less people buying balls.

The red ball heard of something called technology and though that was the problem.

It was right.

But it couldn't do anything about it.

The ball waits there slowly deflating.

Pure sadness has spoken over and the ball just wanted to die.

Another year went by.

The ball heard rumors that the store was going to close.

So it was inflated once again waiting again for an owner.

It knew that this was it's last chance so it tried it's best to be happy.

One day a little girl and her mom were walking by.

The girl saw the red shiny ball and ran over to grab it.

The mom allowed the girl to have the ball.

The ball was finally happy that it got an owner.

It was taken to its new home to be played with,

The ball got bounced everywhere.

It might of broke some things but the ball didn't care.

The little girl and the ball became best of friends.

The End

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