Friendship doesn't always last
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vag There is always light in the dark.
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Friendship doesn't always last

You'll never know when your friendship ends in your life.

It could be when you less expect it or when you plan it.

Though most people try to stay away from that drama, it's mostly impossible.

You'll sometime in your life have a friendship breakup.

There's also most of time a lot of drama that comes with this sadly.

Like not losing a friend isn't bad enough.

You'll have to worry about all the drama that is caused by it too.

At times people get so overwhelmed with all this stuff happening that they have mental break downs.

Even when you are the best of best friends there can be something that one person that makes the other person breakup the friendship.

People say to find the right group of friends to hang around with.

But at times you first have to have some bad friends to know what good friends are.

That's all~ Thanks for reading!

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