Somewhere Between Here and There

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v_th1rt3en Just looking to share my thoughts
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Trying something a little different. A welcome to the afterlife.

Somewhere Between Here and There

Nowhere girl, how did you end up here You finally find a way out from the world you fear

What now, what led you to search for such change Your secret get out, another life left to rearrange

Or did you give into your darkness, destroy the world you built Choose to try and hide forever, try to escape your guilt

You've no obligation to respond, it's not my place to inquire But here you're no freak, you'll find no judgement or ire

Just know your journey can't always begin anew Our stories find conclusions we can't hope to undo

To accept yourself is key, love what makes you true Otherwise this "Nowhere" will be...

All you'll ever view

So, truth or denial, which fate will you pursue In time, I'm sure, the answer will come to you

Until then, may peace carry away the pain you once knew But should we never meet again, I bid you a somber adieu

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