The Bad Ending
The Bad Ending undertale stories
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v1s1ona1re Just random poems and stuff 😛
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Its over.

The Bad Ending

The final battle.

The rules you did bend.

My kind, you slaughtered like cattle.

It’s time for this to end.

A swing and a miss!

You cannot hit me.

I hit and you hiss.

My dodging is key.

I start to get tired

You, I tried to spare.

The end you thought you had acquired,

But it was a trick! I trapped you in a final deadly square.

You came back,

After you reset.

Ready to attack,

That’s when I started to sweat.

My special attack I used against you

It actually surprised me too

Turns out, doing nothing,

Can actually save everything.

But even then, you found a loophole.

You were able to hit me

And destroy my soul

Before I could make my final plea.

Like a man on his death bed,

I knew my end had come.

My vision stopped going red

And my body became numb.

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