Snail Race
Snail Race poem stories

v1s1ona1re Just random poems and stuff 😛
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Another Undertale Poem. Follow me to get your ideas in my poems!

Snail Race

While I was at Napstablook's

Something I did see

I needed a closer look

It seemed kind of odd, to state it bluntly

The nearer I got

The better I knew

There were snails that wanted to race a lot

And Napstablook was there, too

He said to press Z

To make the snail go

And win this Grand Prix

Even if it was slow

At first, I spammed it

To make him go fast

But then, like a match, he lit

So I traveled back to the past

Now I pushed it slow

I did not want him to go fast

So he didn't blow

But then he got last

After much trial and error

I found the right rhythm

After the win, my snail did purr.

Then I split like an atom.

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