Football (a request from @kaiden)
Football (a request from @kaiden) football stories

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Football (a request from @kaiden)

The crowd gets ramped up.

The players take the field.

Is this going to be exciting? Yup.

Neither team will yield.

The game's midpoint!

The scores are tied

The final quarter is one team's strong point

Looks like the other is fried

The weak team's got it in the final 10 seconds

The strong team's up 5

"They're gonna come back!" an old man reckons

They need to come alive

The ball gets snapped

The time is ticking

The quarterback is trapped

Then, the defense he started tricking

A fake to one side

A fake to the other

The entire game will ride

On the catch of another

He throws the ball

It flew through the air

As it started to fall

The strong team looked on in despair

The receiver caught it

He ran for a touchdown

The strong team's pride took a hit

As the weaklings took them down.

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