Black Boys Bloom Thorns First (Black Panther Fanfic) Chapter 5
Black Boys Bloom Thorns First (Black Panther Fanfic) Chapter 5 afrofuturism stories

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N'Jobu and his lover play....

Black Boys Bloom Thorns First (Black Panther Fanfic) Chapter 5

"You finished writing?" she whispered. Her short curly bob of jet black hair cascaded all around her face, and without her make-up on, she was even more gorgeous in N'Jobu's eyes.

He glanced down at her lips which were plump, but small.

They turned him on because when he had his cock down her throat the night before, it just made his dick look even bigger and more powerful sliding in and out.

"Yes," he answered.

Her fingers left his nipple and descended to his stomach, tracing the indentations of his six-pack abs,

and then teased further down until she was gripping his already thickening cock in her hand. She gave two short tugs on the head, then a long and languid stroke.

"Damn, woman. You still hungry for more?" he laughed, pulling the covers back so he could watch her delicate hand work his length.

Andrea leaned in closer. He could see her full breasts and pert nipples just waiting for his tongue and touch. She cupped his balls and gave a slight squeeze and he moaned.

"N'Jobu, baby, you have such a pretty dick," she said.

"You like this dick?"

"I love this dick," she said.

"Why do you love this dick?" he asked.

N'Jobu was a verbal man when it came to sex. He liked to talk and be talked to, and it was hard to find women who were good at it without sounding like fake corny ass porn stars.

However, Andrea was a woman who knew how to make that verbal shit sing.

She sat up and positioned herself between his legs, holding onto his dick and arching her back so he could see her ass in the air.

N'Jobu felt his mouth partially open as he released a deep sigh at the beauty of what she presented to him.

She took her velvety tongue and licked him from his balls all the way up to the tip of his length.

"I love this dick because it's so long and thick, Daddy. The head is so big, I can barely get my mouth around it…"

Andrea opened her lips and took in the large mushroom cap of his dick, her tongue playing with the head using teasing licks, and then sucking out the pre-cum that was already dripping from him.

"And baby, you have such a big fat sack, I love to feel your balls slapping against my ass…" she continued, now engulfing more of his cock into her warm mouth.

"Show me how much you love this dick," he growled out, now gripping her hair with his left hand.

Andrea slid her mouth further down, and began bobbing her head, her left hand holding her balance, her right hand still caressing his heavy balls.

N'Jobu's eyes alternated between watching her hallowed out cheeks bulging with his thickness and the jiggle in her round brown ass cheeks.

Andrea came up for air and stared into N'Jobu's heavy-lidded eyes.

His lush lips were twisted up in a way that tried to hold in deep moans from disturbing Bakari in the bedroom across the small hallway. It wasn't working.

"You got me so wet," Andrea said, catching her breath.

"Let me hear it then," he said, releasing his grip on her hair and leaning back on his elbows. He watched her right hand release his twitching dick and snake between her legs.

She took two fingers and plunged them into her slick opening.

Wiggling her fingers around, she gazed at him with euphoric, almost dazed eyes, and they both could hear the wet slippery sounds so loud in the quiet room.

"You hear it, Daddy?" Andrea asked, adding a third finger.

"I hear your pussy baby," N'Jobu said, gripping his own dick and fisting it slowly. Andrea arched her back a little more, just enough to make her cheeks bounce.

"You are a nasty bitch, you know that? Playing with your pussy so early in the morning. Making all that cake bounce. You must want me to cum in your face. Huh? You want me to paint your face?"

Andrea squeezed her eyes shut as a long groan of "Ohhhhh!" escaped from her mouth. Her fingers were working faster.

"N'Jobu, you got my pussy dripping!"

She was panting now, rather loud.

"Shh, keep it down," he said.

"I can't!" she whined, her eyes now open and focused on his hand beating his thick meat in front of her face.

The tightening in his balls let him know he couldn't hold out much longer.

He really wanted to slide a condom on and beat her cheeks up hard and fast from behind,

break her fucking back if he could…but the sweet sounds of her fingers plunging in and out of her swollen pussy lips just pushed him too far.

"Take this cum! Take it…Fuck!" he hollered at her, yanking her hair to pull her head back as thick spurts of creamy white splashed across her face. Andrea opened her mouth to catch a lot of it.

He groaned louder than he wanted to, still squeezing out the last drops of his seed on her face.

His impressive cumload made Andrea smile, her quick tongue licking up the salty-sweet semen from her lips.

"Come sit on my face," he said, and Andrea scrambled up his body like she was climbing a tree in a park and ground her sopping vulva and juicy clit onto N'Jobu's full lips and long tongue.

His hands held her ass cheeks as he drove his tongue deep inside of her for a few deep probes, and then he was sucking on her swollen clit with his entire mouth.

It didn't take long for Andrea to cum, drowning his mouth and face with her juices. N'Jobu knew he would have to apologize to Bakari again.

No matter how quiet he tried to have sex in his bedroom, it never worked out. It was what it was.

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