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what will happen next

peer pressure

POV: Your student jungkook tells you a story and needs your advice.

Hey, Ms./Mr. y/n, recently I did something I truly regret and I can't take back what I did. I feel really guilty and I want your opinion on what should I do.

so here's what happened: A few days ago My friend hoseok called me rude names and I was really upset about it so I started being mean to him

(calling him names, talking about him to my friends so they wouldn't like him either, embarrassing him etc.) but nothing physical. Today I put dry glue in his hair and lied about it...

and after that, he was really upset and I tried apologizing to him but he didn't wanna hear it and thought I was being sarcastic.

later that day at lunchtime when I was walking with my other friend Yoongi, and Hoseok kept on looking at me and laughing and I thought he was talking about me to his friends,

Yoongi saw I was upset and then he told me to go and confront him, I didn't really care that much but I didn't want to look weak in front of him since he is cool I guess.

so I went up to him and said "so I heard you were talking about me" and I can't remember what he said but everyone around us was saying things like


so everyone was on my side and were hyping me up and his other two friends jimin and Taehyung were standing there just watching.

I felt uncomfortable but as I said before I thought it was cool and Hoseok stormed off right when I was still talking and everyone around us was yelling at him and telling him to leave

and saying he's weak and stuff. I felt bad because that's mean and we used to be friends but I thought I was being cool.

Then after he left, his friend Namjoon got mad and said "I hate that you guys think bullying people is fun,

he didn't even do anything wrong and you're over here being rude for no reason" and he started ranting about how he thinks we are bullying Hoseok,

then I said "you don't even know the whole story so you cant assume that I'm bullying him. " even though I knew that this was bullying.

soon a staff member came over and asked what's going on and I lied about it and I said its all fine.

then we went to class and when I was doing my work Yoongi email me and said I should fight him then he told Jeongyeon, who is my ex I still have feelings for,

they both said I should fight him and yoongi said he has beef with him too, and maybe we should jump him.

Now I don't like jumping or fighting in general so I immediately told them no,

but soon they pulled me into it and we said that we were going to fight him passing period but he never came out of the classroom.

then they changed it to after school and I was against the idea because my grama picks me up and I do not want my grama to see me fighting but they kept on yelling at me and saying to do so.

and I said yes...

I didn't want to but I thought since Yoongi was in the fight also then I could just let him do the stuff and I just watch but Yoongi did nothing...

so everyone was yelling at me to throw hands and punch him but I was too scared so I just pulled his hair and kicked his leg.

Everyone was mad at me because I didn't punch him and then it was too late to do anything else so he just walked away...

I went home and cried and started thinking what are people gonna think of me when I go back to school tomorrow, or will people bully me?

I don't want to go to school tomorrow I just want to stay home forever or move schools. this whole thing backfired on me and I had many chances to say no but I didn't.

Authors note: This is based on a true story I changed the names for respect. this story did not happen to any of the BTS members!

this is a story that is a bully's POV

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