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usuallynot just a girl who likes to write
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in which there is a new boy

this may become a 'series' cause i like how it went

the boy

by usuallynot

the boy was someone new to the girl, who had previously moved into town

he had blue eyes and blonde hair, typical love story i suppose

she knocked on his door one friday evening, around 3:00

the little boys mother opened the door, smiling at her, saying

'hello, little one. do you need anything?'

the little girl shook her head and replied,

'is he home?'

the mother smiled and nodded,

'he is, is something wrong?'

the girl smiled back

'id like to play a game with him, maybe tag? my mummy asked me to come over and ask'

the mother laughed quietly, covering her mouth with her freshly groomed hand

'of course darling, hes in his room. just up those stairs, yep on the right'

she ran up the stairs with such enthusiasm that it may have scared her if she wasnt living the moment

his door was open

she saw him looking out the window


his head whipped around quickly, a frightened look on his face

'oh hi'

'can we play tag. your mummy said we could'

he hesitated, looking out the window once more

'i-i was talking to my daddy though'

she furrowed her eyebrows, walking to the window and looking out, seeing nothing

'your daddy isnt out there, silly. mines is at work, maybe yours is too'

he shook his head

'mummy said he went away and he cant come back'

she frowned, watching as he stared aimlessly out the window

'maybe he'll come back one day'

he shook his head once more

'they put him to sleep in the ground'

all was silent

she joined him by the window

'can i talk to your daddy too?'

he nodded, a smile quickly crawling onto his face

'of course'

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