I might actually need help
I might actually need help heart break stories
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ushaimed This all sad shit
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I broke up with my girlfriend for stupid ass reasons and pretty much this is the shit I regret. And how I’m feeling at the moment

I might actually need help

Lmao I’ve never really regretted anything I’ve done. Like I thought everything I did was for a good reason and all so like I never really thought of it.

But a whole month after breaking up with her. The love of my life. I regretted it. I under appreciated everything she did for me. I ignored her. I chose my friends over her.

And I broke up with her to “see other people” and I mean she did I know she started seeing other people.

Like what else is there to do that’s why I did it I’m sure she got over me by seeing others. But me, I didn’t get over shit.

I mean I know I broke up with her for that reason but instead of actually trying to talk to other people I decided to work on myself.

Like my body my mentality and like pretty much every aspect of me. And I did it for “myself” but when I look at it. I did it for her. I’ve done everything for her since the day I met her.

I really did do it for her. But I’m the one who left her so yea. I’ve lost all motivation and I mean every single bit.

I’ve held in every sad feeling for like ever and today my bubble finally popped. And I don’t know how crazy I can be. But I’m ready to throw away everything. I mean EVERYTHING.

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