Till Death...
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When the world is ending but yours already did.

Till Death...

As the walls grew colder inside the old bunker under the hills of Marrie Valley, David wondered that the breaths he was taking might be his last.

Food ran out two days ago, he held on to the last water canteen, taking a few sips to last as long as he could. There was nothing else left in here.

The air was running short, might only last another week. After that, there is nothing but darkness and wait time in the lobby for the reaper express.

As darkness fell in the night, David couldn't sleep. His mind wandered across the entire emptiness of the bunker while he sat on a rusty dining table, lighting his second-last cigarette.

"It was a good run, eh, Jenny?" he said with smile on his face as he took in a drag. "I mean it could be worse. We could be stuck out there, being chased after by whatever those things are."

David avoided the left side of the room as he glanced across. The left side was covered in blankets. Piles of bodies. 7 in total, covered properly from head to toe in grey cloth. Except one.

You could tell this one was special. It wasn't wrapped in the same cloth and threw in a pile. No, it was SOMEONE special.

The cloth was pure silk, crimson red with pale blue etching on the edges. It seemed like royalty as it was laid apart from the rest of the common folk. A small note was attached to it.


When the sun stops shinin', I look at you for you are my star in the darkness.


It was Jenny.

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