While You Were Sleeping
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While you were sleeping, I was reading all the poetry my wrists have ever bled.

While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping

I was reading all the poetry

my wrists have ever bled

scanning every line


changing, rearranging

all the technical missteps

that seem stitched in

to hide the holes

where barren thought took hold

Your chest falls up and down

gentle sleeping, hopefully dreaming.

I want to tell you all

my thoughts, racing through

my brain with vigorous speed

like dragonflies over lily pads

dodging cranes

but I'm afraid my hands aren't

fast enough to catch every

set of wings

and train them to fly in line

waiting for you to open your eyes

and see their choreography.

I know that once your eyes

flutter open like butterflies

emerging from their metamorphosis

you'll listen dutifully

to every breakthrough birthed by my insomnia

but sunlight burns my thoughts

to ash - gray molecules that slip

through my desperate fingers,

phantom phoenixes to rise again

tomorrow night with

fiery wings to guide me

through moonless skies and poetry

while you are sleeping.

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