To Tango with a Narcissist
To Tango with a Narcissist  poem stories

usagi Socially awkward swamp witch.
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Having problems with a family member. Wrote it out for cathartic reasons.

To Tango with a Narcissist

I’m having trouble looking you in the eye because I’m afraid of the next lie that will come spilling from your lips disguised as the sun to eclipse the truth from everyone’s view, It’s sad that this is what I’m used to -

a parent so obsessed with being right that she turns every situation into a gun fight shooting tears instead of bullets meant to pierce your resolve, previously so fierce in the face of narcissism and gas lighting. mind your own reactions because they end up inciting

subsequent battles all designed to break you down and make no mistake, no matter how many apologies slither from that mouth, every word is meant to fissure your connection to yourself and create a void so wide you become paranoid

when the emptiness echoes through your soul. Suddenly you feel compelled to fill the hole and there she is, plug in hand pretending this was all unplanned.

All of this to prove that without her you don’t exist.

All of this to prove that without her you don’t exist. This is what it is to tango with a narcissist.

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