Sometimes I Like to Pretend -
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usagi Socially awkward swamp witch.
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Just a short little poem for the day. Not really feeling like writing as of right now. I have zero inspiration. As @grunderground would say, my muse is out being adulterous.

Sometimes I Like to Pretend -

Sometimes I like to pretend my bones are actually stems and my head is a flower that bends in the roaring wind but never truly falters.

Quick life update: So I'm now 16.5 weeks pregnant and as of this week, I have a bit of a baby bump! But funny story - I thought it was fat/bloat. My husband had to tell me it was the baby. LMAO But just looks like a beer gut.

Anyway, really I'm sharing this because my pregnancy is taking a lot out of me, and I seem to be going through this really intense spiritual rebirth at the moment, which is completely zapping my muse. This is why my work has been pretty scattered. :/

So don't be shocked if you see less of me in the coming weeks while my insides are shifting to accommodate the parasite. BUT feel free to reach out via message, especially if it's for inspirational assistance :D

And as always: for being amazing and supportive!!

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