Saving Space
Saving Space sad stories

usagi Socially awkward swamp witch.
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Another relatively sad write depicting where my head is at tonight. I'm always battling my weight (the lack of it) and my need to never burden others with my presence.

Saving Space

In a world where space is always limited

I aim to take less than I need saving space for those who matter

I am cautious of spilling over into someone else's breathing room.

Gossamer flesh pulled taught across my skeletal silhouette

vacuum sealed by pleading exhales willing all the emptiness

vacuum sealed by pleading exhales willing all the emptiness the black void of wasted space

between my bones to dissipate by folding in on myself

like faux feminine origami flat features and creased edges

never neat enough, so I'm always cinching the whale bones tighter

abdominals consistently engaged, an anatomical corset I control

to squeeze out my inadequacy pouring from my pores

as blemishes to remind me matter cannot be destroyed

I guess the first law of thermodynamics holds true for incompetence, too

But I'll keep trying in the hopes that one day

I'll vaporize into the nether altogether

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